Mytrae Meliana is a Women’s Empowerment and Divine Feminine teacher, coach, speaker, sound healer, and holistic psychotherapist.


  • empowers women to embody their Truth, Power, Love, Sexuality, and Divine Feminine Self
  • awakens women to their Soul Purpose so they live joyful, passionate, and creative lives
  • helps women heal from gender-based trauma
  • coaches people to discover and heal their root cause of Lyme Disease


Mytrae work is based on Three Guiding Principles:

  1. Women and their bodies are Sacred
  2. Sound heals, transforms, and awakens
  3. When you Change your Story, you Change your Life


Her modalities are:

  • Sound / Energy Medicine
  • Holistic Psychology, Tantra, and the Power of Story
  • Quantum and Spiritual Healing


Mytrae is the Founder of the Temple of Sound Healing.


She’s the author of:

A pianist, she channels what her Guides call “The Language of Light. What comes through her is celestial music from Father Creator and Mother Creator. This music contains healing keys which unlock and release disease, retrieve fragmented soul parts, activate chakras and DNA, and people’s wisdom, love, strength, and Divinity.

She teaches “Women and Tantra” in the Women’s Spirituality program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

She works with people in San Francisco and worldwide by phone/Zoom.

Mytrae’s personal life journey is a testament to hope, possibility, and the power of Love and Spirit to heal. She was miraculously healed of Lyme Disease on her first visit to John of God, a spiritual healer in Brazil. 

Her name is pronounced “my-thray-yee”.