About you

You know you’re sacred. You know you’re a Light.

You know you’re here on Earth for a divine purpose.

Your voice, your power — YOU — want to emerge. Express. Be heard. Known.

You’re called to be all that you are. Big. Beautiful. Powerful. Embodied.

You’re just not quite there yet.

You want to heal any wounding that keeps you back. You want to unearth and let go of scripts that keep you small, afraid and limited.

You’re ready to let go, step in, and show up.

You’ve done a lot of deep work.

You’re interested in energy and spirituality. Perhaps even your psychic gifts.

I help you heal, release beliefs that hold you back, and challenge you to reach for your fullest potential.

I help you become your Magic.

I help you learn to work with the Universe and your spirit guides so you become a powerful Creator of your life.

I help you learn how to manifest your heart’s deepest desire. Perhaps one you’re afraid to even dream about.

I help you open to miracles.

I help you connect with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in you.

I help you discover and radiate your Light.

I help you hear the call of your soul.

Will you listen?

Will you discover?

Will you step into You? Be and shine your Light?


Work with Mytrae