If you’re looking for unique and unusual Holiday Gifts this season that will keep on giving peace, healing, and raise consciousness for years, consider giving people you love (and yourself!) Crystal Singing Bowls.

You and your loved ones don’t have to attend an event to experience the healing power of sound — you can use them in your own home any time.

Crystal singing bowls are used for sound healing and are very easy to play!

Crystal singing bowls are also wonderful for healers, practitioners, yogis, yoginis, and teachers to use with your clients, in your classes, workshops, and retreats.

I just got some new stock so have 30 gorgeous bowls for sale in San Francisco! I’m so delighted to be able to offer these beautiful healing products for you to use.

You can buy single bowls or sets. You can also create your own sets with 2 or more bowls 🙂

You don’t have to be trained to use them. Anyone who can stir a pot can play them!

Please contact me to make an appointment to see the bowls. Everyone who buys a bowl gets a complimentary lesson on how to play them.

Crystal singing bowls are used:

  • physical, emotional, and mental healing and wellness
  • to relax and find inner peace
  • center and ground
  • raise your vibration
  • clear, energize, and harmonize
  • feng shui your space
  • connect you to Spirit

Single bowls or sets are available.

Email me to make an appointment to see the bowls.

Love and Light,