Do you need faith to heal?

What makes you go on trying when you don’t know the way ahead?

At the blue and white buildings at the Casa de Dom Inacio, hundreds line up to be seen by the medium, John of God. Each person is seen for a few seconds and, if they’re fortunate, for a bit more.

Something brings us all here. Is it faith in the Divine? Or faith in ourselves? Maybe both.

Or perhaps, we sense that there is more than what we know to be true, and seek it.

So much of healing is about faith. And I don’t mean faith in God or the Divine. I mean faith in yourself, and in the process.

Sometimes, faith is like feeling your way in the dark. You take the next step forward even when you don’t know what lies ahead. Even when you’re lost and groping.

Healing stories

We gather in rows in the Great Hall at each session. The hall bursts to capacity with people all wearing white (so the Entities can see our spiritual auras more clearly) standing in the aisles and crowding outside the entrance. Sometimes one or two come on stage to tell their incredible stories of healing.

A Brazilian man tells us of the time his mother was in hospital, very close to dying with cancer. He took her a bottle of blessed water from the Casa. She drank it and three days later, was discharged from the hospital—her cancer had shrunk to the size of a button.

Another woman tells, tears of gratitude streaming down her face, of her healing from twelve different kinds of cancer after a few weeks of treatment at the Casa.

A man who visited the Casa in 2010 recently traveled in the Amazon jungle. Somehow separated from his group, he was lost and alone. He was bitten by a bug and became very ill. Gasping and groaning, he dragged himself to a stream, where he collapsed. He thought it was his time. He did the only thing he knew to do: pray with all his heart to the Entities of Light and Love at the Casa.

Soon, he saw three bright lights—yellow, blue, and indigo—descend onto his head. They streamed inside him, and he felt them working in him. He fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, he awoke, completely well. That evening, he found and was reunited with his group.


A journey of faith

These people crossed the bridge of what was impossible. Scouts from the unfamiliar land of healing across the veil, they tell us with voices ringing with truth, awe, and gratitude, of light ahead.

They return to the Casa to offer us their stories. Perhaps they do so to give us some faith in what we can’t see, don’t know, and yet sense. Whether we doubt, believe, or fall somewhere in between, they return to offer us glimpses of healing dimensions which our minds struggle to understand.

The crowds listens in pindrop silence. Somewhere deep within us, we believe (or want to believe) in miracles. That the extraordinary is possible. Maybe we respond to the Love which exists on the other side, which reaches out to heal and help us along on our paths.

Somewhere in their journey, all these people took a step. It was another step just like many others they’d taken. They didn’t know if it was “the right one.” Yet at some moment among their many steps, a window opened.

Perhaps faith is simply our willingness to keep on trying. It’s a journey of the heart.