The Sacred Feminine comes to you in many faces and forms.

Indian goddesses—models and midwives of the Sacred Feminine— hold the blueprint to a whole femininity. Cracking open internalized patriarchal beliefs, they offer you feminine power, juiciness, and wisdom.

This ten week learning/experiential group is an opportunity to engage with nine Indian goddesses to cultivate and embody your femininity.

Join this group to:

  • Learn about each Goddess and her qualities
  • Discover and claim new aspects of your femininity
  • Connect with the Sacred Feminine through mantras, Sanskrit slokas, art, movement, and guided imagery
  • Share with others on issues of food, power, sexuality, gender, Tantra, relationship, love, abundance, creativity, and the Earth
  • Deepen your connection with Her

 The nine goddesses we will connect with are:

  • Lakshmi 
  • Saraswathi   
  • Rati   
  • Kali       
  • Bhu Devi
  • Annapurna       
  • Durga
  • Radha
  • Ardhanarishwara


October 15-December 17, 2013
Tuesdays 5-7 pm
Fee: $450 for 10 weeks (Early registration before September 15 for $400)
Location: 2161 Union St. #4, San Francisco, CA 94123

Sign up: email or call (415) 226-1312

Indian goddesses are models and midwives of the Sacred Feminine