John of God book

Are you planning to visit John of God in Brazil?

Are you ready to open to your personal miracle?

At the Casa de Dom Inácio, spirit doctors have the power to perform miracles and heal. But are you ready to be healed? Your inner preparation, not travel logistics, are key to getting the most from your trip.

Whether you’re a first-time or returning visitor, Mytrae Meliana offers a roadmap to your personal miracle.

This profound and accessible guide helps you:

  • Prepare for life-changing transformation
  • Take a quantum leap forward in your healing
  • Navigate an otherworldly healing paradigm
  • Set your intentions and work with the Entities
  • Awaken to your soul purpose

Mytrae draws on years of experience as Casa guide, psychotherapist,and spiritual life coach to skillfully shepherd you through your healing journey. She also shares her own miraculous healing from Lyme Disease and how her life and work transformed since visiting John of God.

The Entities channeled by John of God tell us, “We do 50 percent of the work; you’re responsible for the rest.” Practical and intuitive, this book helps you achieve that other 50 percent.

Stop wondering what if, and start daring to ask for all you want. Your journey to transformation starts here.

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