I was so intrigued to receive Sylvia Leifheit’s request to read her new book, Interviews with the Spiritual Entities of Abadiânia. I read it in two days and was absolutely enthralled!

She has a wonderful gift and capacity to be a very clear channel so was chosen by St. Ignatius, the patron Entity of the Casa de Dom Inâcio, to communicate what the Entities want to tell us human beings.

I couldn’t put the book down! It answers so many questions I’ve wondered about and mysteries I’ve longed to know directly from the Entities since I began going to John of God. About how and why such extraordinary healing happens at the Casa, how to connect more with the spirit world, and our role in our healing and evolution.

I asked Sylvia if I could interview her on my blog to help spread the word about her book which I know will fascinate many who visit John of God as well as those interested in healing, transformation, and spirituality. She agreed, and I’m delighted to have her “talk” about herself and her book more here.

Welcome, Sylvia! How were you guided to write this book?

The first time I went to see John of God in 2012, the Entities told me, “You will develop a gift.” I didn’t know what it would be but when I arrived home, my hand started to move while meditating. I took a pen and paper and one letter after another wrote itself. When I finally read the words they answered a question I had before my meditation. So I started to develop the gift each day.

When I went to Abadiânia again, I was sitting in the garden after a crystal bed session and my hand started to move again. It was Dom Ignâcio who showed up and we talked about my healing process. After a while he was so overwhelmed by the way the information was coming through that he asked me to offer my gift to more human beings. He asked if I could somehow put the messages he wants to give to people into a book. I was speechless by the huge trust he placed in me.

I thought about it after I returned home and decided to come back alone for 2 weeks just to talk with each Entity. In my first two trips I went with Osmarina Pereira Stöger, a wonderful guide from Austria. So I went to Abadiânia’s clear energy and let the Entities write step by step what they wanted to tell the world.

What has your previous life experience been like about connecting with beings and other realms?

When I was a child, I could leave my body at night. It felt strange but I remember that going out and returning into my body felt like going through a soft wall. Leaving my body felt light and easy. I had no fear or limits. I could move as fast as I wanted and how I wanted, but I was still in my childish perception. Getting back into my body felt hot and heavy. I felt like I was in a volcano and heavy, as though I was weighed down and covered by tons. I actually preferred to be outside my body but of course I needed to be inside! I never met other entities then. I was all by myself. After some years, when school started, I didn’t feel like traveling at night any more so I almost forgot about it.

What does channeling feel like for you? Are you visual, aural etc.?

I always feel the power of other humans around me very intensely. Even from my meditation which I began 10 years ago, I always felt feelings more than seeing images. I can also see energies but mostly I feel very intensely. Since I let my hand move, it feels like the entity is writing and I experience all its feelings in me. That’s why its not just words that are written but always an emotion that also comes up. Sometimes visual information is shown, but it only supports the emotion or the writing, and is never just a picture without any description.

I love that you were selected by St. Ignatius (Dom Inâcio) because of your unique channeling gift. Can you tell us more about it?

Like I explained, he showed up when I was relaxing in the Casa garden. I first started to ask him for the healing of my eyes (I had a surgery at the age of 4 for a squint and since then, I lost power in my eyes). Our conversation was so fluent that he grew more aware of the options that are possible when energies within a body and energies without a body can communicate. So he asked if I would write his answers into a book. And I agreed.

What are the overarching messages from the Casa Entities about healing, transformation, and life? And anything else?

Dom Ignâcio said it clearly and it is the essence of all the other Entities’ messages as well:

Love is the essence of healing. Fear is the essence of illness.

Freedom is the biggest value in the cosmos. Each entity emphasizes this in its own way. All rules that humans create from fear and all disrespectful, loveless action causes negativity, which has to be balanced some day, by yourself.

On top of the Entities’ messages, I have asked many more questions that can give our hearts and minds a chance to “understand” cosmic rules better so we can start to become more aware of our own responsibility in every moment. The Entities speak from their life experience, their transition after death, and from their perception without a human body. They also give wonderful descriptions of how and why they work in the Casa. The individual interviews are like pieces of a puzzle that, one by one, create a complete picture that clarifies:

  • where illness comes from
  • how important it is to balance and how we can do so
  • our responsibility for our process
  • how easily we can find help in the cosmos—we just need to know how
There are conflicting messages in the book as to whether the work at the Casa will continue after Medium Joao passes. One Entity says it will continue “through other pure persons”; another says “he will find another place.” Can you clarify?

Each entity has its own perception. One can see more possibilities that the cosmos allows; another doesn’t. Another doesn’t really care because it’s so focused and trusts, that it takes what ever chance shows up. I cannot evaluate since I’ve experienced their diverse perceptions in all my sessions. We need to accept that the cosmos is diverse and one energy is almost never like another. Ask 100 people and you get 100 answers! This doesn’t change just because the energy is out of the body.

What are your future upcoming projects?

A lot 😉
The moment you open the door a whole world speaks to you and I’m opening many doors now. Since people mostly ask me for practical advice from the “other side“ I’m focusing on that now. The next book will be guided by an Entity who gives very practical advice like:

  • how do I start my day and stay connected until evening
  • what can I do before sleeping to get in contact at night with my soul
  • how does my soul grow but I stay part of business life
  • how can I protect my energy from negative fields
  • how can I prepare my home into a higher level of energy
  • what happens with the energies and the soul when we give birth
  • what do we have to be aware of when we die
  • what is the energetic meaning of the social holidays like Christmas ( Most of them are energetically related and when we know that we can “use” that cosmic energy for our spiritual development, we can speed up.)

Beside this work, I will push to develop www.spiritualnetwork.com which I founded in 2011. It used to be the Facebook for spiritual communication but there’s a lot work ahead still 😉

I thank you very much for the chance to tell the world that the entities are around us and have so much to tell — we just need to find a way to understand them. I do my part 😉


Thank you so much, Sylvia, for your time and sharing about your process and book. Your extraordinary gift and work will bring much light, healing, and blessings to many. I am so happy and grateful to you for being here and sharing with us!

“Interviews with the Spiritual Entities of Abadiânia is the first book in a new series by Sylvia Leifheit. In this series, she will make her gift of communicating with spiritual entities available to a wider public, continuing, amongst others, the work of the famous Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. This book is a very special encounter with most of the presently known spiritual entities of Abadiânia. Through these very personal interviews, they offer a unique and at the same time, holistic insight into their work, talking about their reasons for coming to Abadiânia, their previous lives as human beings and their transition into the spiritual world. From their higher perspective, the entities also share their views of the current state of the world, its inhabitants and the religion of the world. Through her very human and straightforward approach, the author is quickly able to establish an atmosphere of intimacy, allowing the reader to open up to the occasionally unexpected messages from the spirit world.” (excerpt from the book’s back cover)