What if you could make your living doing what most delights you?

What if you could that thing you most love, that’s so easy, effortless, that flows from you like water from a fountain, could be your career?

What if expressing your gifts can be and grow into precious jewels for others?

What if you woke up each morning, with ideas and inspirations pouring into you? And jumped out of bed to plan them, birth them?

What if your most precious dreams are hardcore realities you can create?

These are some soul-searching questions I ask my clients. Because they’re questions I’ve asked myself, and continue to do.

Because we’re living in extraordinary times. When you’re being supported to live your desires, create your highest potential, and be your most magnificent self.

Because your soul’s whispers are your deepest truths.

Because you can make a quantum leap to let your soul lead your life.

Not what society or mainstream tells you to do.

Because in these times, the Universe is supporting you not just to listen to, but to follow and realize your Soul’s dream.

And because I so believe every soul — your soul — has so much magic to bring into our world,

Because I believe in you and your magic, I’m offering two scholarships / light work exchanges for my next program “Live Your Soul’s Dream.”

If you’re interested, email me for an application. If you have any skills that can help me out during the program, I’d be happy to accept a light work exchange as well.

And, if you know someone who’s soul searching, please share this with them.

Email me to apply.

You can read more and register here for the program.