Past Life Regression

You’re so much more than you know yourself to be.

You know this to be true when you tap into joy and love. Or when you’re inspired, creative, or meditative.

Therapy helps you get there—as you develop, connect more authentically with yourself and others, and free yourself from past conditioning and trauma. Yet you probably also carry symptoms, patterns, and trauma from prior lifetimes. These might be physical symptoms that manifested in early childhood. Or persistent emotional or relationship patterns which seem unsolvable.

Past life therapy is an opportunity for you to visit the source of the issue to release the past. Like therapy, it is remembering and re-experiencing which heals. And in accessing your Higher Self, your soul, you can connect with a peace, a wisdom, and a perspective ordinarily unavailable.

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation or karma for past life therapy.

I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, psychiatrist and author of Many Masters, Many Lives.

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Past Life Regression can:

  • Heal troubling emotional, behavior, and relationship patterns that seem to have a life of their own, despite attempts to change
  • Alleviate grief, depression, and anxiety
  • Release phobias
  • Create more loving relationships
  • Offer insight which may shift your perspective about significant events in this lifetime
  • Deepen creativity and intuition
  • Experience and deepen the highest in yourself
  • Help you know your soul purpose


What will a session look like?

You will be put in a deeply relaxed state using hypnotic regression, a deeper form of guided imagery, dreaming, or meditation. I will guide you into this state by talking to you while soothing music is played in the background. You will be guided to a very deep state of relaxation and peace. It is much like dreaming, where you see, hear, and feel while another part of you knows that you are in a dream.

You are always in control for your psyche will never do anything you don’t want to do. Sometimes, it may not be necessary to go to a past life — a childhood memory might be enough.


Scheduling and cost


If you’re new to Past Life Regression, this is the best option. In an initial assessment (1 hour) we structure and focus your intentions for your session, talk about what a past life session looks and feels like, and answer all your questions. Then you are guided into a Past Life Regression (2 hours).

Investment: Assessment + Regression: $595

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Experienced past life traveller

If you’ve had a past life regression and know exactly what you want to work on, this is the best option. We take 10-15 minutes to talk about your intentions and answer any questions, then move right into the regression. hours.

Session length: 2 hours

Investment: $400

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Couples Past Life Regression

Discover whether or how you know your love, friend, sibling, parent or anyone else in this fascinating modality. Learn, heal, and evolve the dynamics you share.

Investment: Assessment + Regression (3-4 hours): $750  

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Group past life regressions

If you have a group interested in past-life regression, email me to set up a group session.

Investment: $100 per person (minimum 5 people)

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