Language of Light transmission


Language of Light is the language of your Soul.

It is a multidimensional transmission that connects you to God/ Goddess / the Divine/ Source. Coming from higher realms, it is a quantum holographic healing modality. It contains Light-coded frequencies that heal, restructure, and realign your body to your Soul and Source.

It is understood and received by your cells, energy, emotional, crystalline light bodies, and DNA — not your conscious mind. So you do not need to understand it or even know what it is for it to be effective. (Still, most people have very powerful experiences).

My guides say “This music contains healing keys which unlock and release disease, retrieve fragmented soul parts, activate chakras and DNA, and people’s wisdom, love, strength, and Divinity.”

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Language of Light Transmission

  • is a pure, channeled transmission uniquely for you
  • transmits very high vibrations of Light and Love into your bodies
  • releases disease and pain
  • unlocks and clears dense blocks, knots, and limitations on every level
  • activates and attunes you to your Soul purpose, and you may receive profound guidance
  • works on your DNA and divine blueprint

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 What it looks like

  1. You prepare your intention.
  2. At the session, you lie under my baby grand piano on cushions. You say your name, birthdate, and intentions. I call in our guides and healing Spirits, tune into my intuitive guidance, and enter a receptive state to channel. 
  3. To integrate, you can draw, write, dance your experience or in any other way that’s right for you
  4. We process your experience
  5. I email you an mp3 of your sound healing music

Cost: $150

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Time: 1.5 hours

Location: my home office in Mill Valley

Call or email me to set up an appointment.