Working with the Entities has been such an incredible and beautiful process. I’m learning to surrender. I’m learning to trust. I’m learning to open to Spirit. To allow, allow, allow.

Not my will be done. But Thine. Thine. Thine.

Even when I have no idea where Spirit’s taking me.

That’s how the Portuguese translation of my book came to be.

By letting go of control and ego bit by bit. Unlearning forcing and willing. Not my will. Not my timeline. But thine. Thine. Thine.


How Spirit works

Almost exactly one year ago, last November, Daniela Mateos, a young woman from São Paolo, Brazil wrote to me after she visited John of God. I felt so honored by her letter. Here’s what she wrote.

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Now, after my English book was published April 2014, I secretly hoped to have a Portuguese translation at some point. What I didn’t expect was a tap on the arm six months after my book was released!

But that’s how Spirit works, doesn’t it?


I’m learning to listen to signs. I’m learning not to listen to the voice that says, “What? Really? Me?” and wants to stay small and hide. I’m learning when an idea or opportunity lands which is beyond what my ego can imagine, that it’s Spirit’s guidance!


The perfect team appears

I was led to the perfect translator through ever-gracious Barbara Rose Billings. To Márcia Cambiano, a charming, spiritual woman who is a professional translator and runs the Spiritist Centre in San Rafael, CA.

Márcia is originally from Brazil and writes beautiful Portugese. And she teaches Spiritism. Could there be a better combination? Yes, there’s more, she’s been a joy and pleasure to work with. Her dedication, patience, and delight in her work have been very special and created a lovely partnership. She is the best! The absolute best! (She even speaks and professionally translates into Italian, Spanish and French!)

My dear friend, Kerry Cadambi generously offered to review the translation, which she said was a very high quality. Kerry spent hours of detailed reading, checking, and double checking to make sure the right words and nuances of meaning and tone were used. I’m indebted to her for her loving and generous service. I am so inspired how, in the true Spiritist tradition, she offered her invaluable service free of charge.




What I’ve learned about working with Spirit

To work with Spirit is to open to unexpected paths. Paths you’d never thought would open. Paths you didn’t even know were there.

To walk with Spirit is to know only what lies two steps ahead of you. All you do is put one foot after the next on the path that opens to you. And trust. Because it’s a path your little mind and ego can never imagine.

To walk with Spirit is to have no idea of the beautiful vistas, grottos, and oases you will be led to. For the path, like Spirit, just rises up and carries you. To a place you couldn’t imagine before you started out.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined a Portuguese translation of any book I could ever write. Honestly, I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d write a book about John of God. Everything was guided. And look what’s here! A book I’m so honoured to offer to the people of Brazil, my beloved second home.

So, dear friends, thanks to Daniela Mateos, we now have a Portuguese translation on Amazon! Both paperback and Kindle versions are available. Please share the news with any and all who may be interested.

If you live in Brazil, you’ll get the best price by ordering from Amazon Brazil.

(And Psst… an English audiobook and German translation are well under way too!)

I wish you great joy, many surprises, and delights on your own path, as you work with Spirit.

How do you work with Spirit? Do you hear its taps and knocks? What does your ego’s conversation with Spirit sound like? I’d love to hear your comments below!

And much happiness and love to you this holiday season. ♥♥♥

Love and Light,