Sound Healing Individual Treatment

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Sound healing is a subtle energy and vibrational healing treatment.

It helps you to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.  On a cellular level it activates your cells innate health, vibrance, resonance, harmony, and perfection.

Almost immediately you go into a deeply relaxed state so you can let go, restore, and renew.

Emotionally, it breaks up stuck emotional energies and allows your meridians and chakras (energy centers) to flow.

In individual and group sound healing sessions, I use crystalline quartz bowls, tibetan bowls, tanpura (an Indian stringed instrument), bells, and my voice.

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Sound healing

  • releases disease and pain
  • unlocks and clears dense blocks, knots, and limitations on every level
  • activates your dreams, desires, and visions
  • connects you with your soul / Higher Self and God/ the Divine / Oneness
  • tunes into your intention, enables you to receive healing beyond your mind, and access a sonic, energetic field of love, power, and soul truth.

Rate: $150 (1 hour session)


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