Do you want to connect with your Inner Goddess?

Are you ready to step into your Truth, Power, and Purpose?

For centuries people have denied their own Sacredness but in our time, the Divine Feminine is streaming in so you know, become, and live as Who You Really Are — a Sacred Woman.

This workshop is an invitation for you to know, experience, and embody the living Force of the Divine Feminine. She is your white-hot Truth, your fiery Power, your fearless Voice, your vast Love, and your luscious Sensuality.

When you encounter the Divine Feminine, you connect to a Guide, Mother, Lover, and Goddess (and so much more!) who takes you by your hand and heart to lead you to your Sacred Feminine Self.

In this workshop you will:

  • Unveil myths that keep you from being and living as your Sacred Self
  • Invoke the Divine Feminine with sound and chant
  • Hear Divine Feminine stories and find your archetype among three main Indian goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Kali
  • Go on an inner journey to connect with Her and receive guidance about an aspect of your life such as your health, relationships, or work
  • Share your experience in a lovely circle of women

Reserve your spot.

When: March 25, 2-5 pm

Where: The Center SF, 548 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA 94117

Investment: $35 for pre-event purchase; $45 at the door

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