As a woman, your power center is your womb. The Mayans call it the feminine brain. In India, it’s known as wellspring of your shakti, Feminine Force.

When your womb isn’t whole or well, you might have fertility, sexual, and self-worth issues. You might struggle to be creative and own your full power. Or you might be powerful in a masculine way but disconnected from your authentic feminine power.

That’s because your womb is your creative, sexual, and power center.

This workshop opens, activates, and vibrates your womb towards wholeness, wellness, and ecstasy. We use languages your body understands — story, breathwork, and vibrational sound medicine.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • have fertility and sexual issues
  • have been sexually abused
  • want to discover and embody your femininity
  • want to feel more pleasure, desire, and ecstasy
  • want to connect with your shakti (feminine force)

What you will get from this workshop:

  • what your womb’s telling you?
  • an opportunity to heal, activate, and restore your womb to its natural state of wholeness, pleasure, and power
  • takeaway sound practices
  • sound bath

Come, join a sacred circle of women.

Heal and discover the treasures of your Well Womb.

This workshop is for women only.