Women’s Stories. Igniting Change.


“Women’s Stories. Igniting Change.” podcast is a virtual well where women gather to share and listen to stories that:

  • challenge women’s status quo
  • transform and empower our lives
  • create new possibilities and destinies

We are born into stories. We are born into myths that define who we are and who we can be. So often, we’re expected to live out our family’s and culture’s beliefs and traditions. But these stories can keep us small, afraid, and limited. Just because our mothers and grandmothers may have been bound by invisible ropes doesn’t mean we need to be.

Many of us are born feeling different. Many of us break away to find a different path. When we listen to that brave voice inside us, we create new stories and destinies for ourselves, our sisters, friends, and daughters.

We are the truth-speakers. We are the breakers of tradition. We are the visionaries who forge new trails. We are the creators of new Feminine ways. We ignite change in the world.

It takes courage to change our story. It takes courage to choose a new destiny. It takes courage to rise to our fullest potential.

“Women’s Stories. Igniting Change.” is a movement of Brave Women who are rewriting their stories and sharing them.

Historically, women have met by the village well or around the kitchen table to nourish, support, and inspire each other. “Women’s Stories. Igniting Change.” is that online well, that kitchen table. “Women’s Stories. Igniting Change.” is an online gathering of Brave Women who desire, seek, and travel a different road, and return to share their stories with their sisters.

Our stories empower women. And ignite change in the world.

Join us.