My Clients

You know it’s time to shed what’s holding you back and overcome what’s shutting you down. You want to get. on. with. it. Healed, inspired, and aligned with your Purpose.

My clients are women visionaries, creators, and leaders in all fields who question and challenge the status quo, envision a better world, are ready to bring forth their unique gifts and leadership to create a new world.

You are artists, writers, healers. You are educators, business owners, parents, executives. You are lawyers, public servants, and directors. You are influencers in the home, workplace, and beyond.

Women who most resonate with my work are

  • creatives
  • healers
  • entrepreneurs answering the call of their Soul to create work from the inside out
  • intuitives and spiritual seekers
  • Women who want to learn about and become Awakened Feminine Leaders
  • Women who want to connect with the Divine Feminine — both  within themselves and with Divine Feminine Beings
  • Influencers and leaders who want to create more transformation and impact in the world

1:1 Mentoring

Awakened Feminine Leadership

Advanced Spiritual Direction: Connect and cultivate your Sacred Relationship to Spirit and the Divine Feminine

Heal from Trauma

Discover and heal emotional and spiritual causes of your disease



1 month/4 sessions, $1,200.

3 month/12 sessions, $3,480.

6 month/24 sessions, $6,950.


Women’s Empowerment and Divine Feminine Packages

Do you want to connect with your inner Goddess?

Do you feel like you’re so much more than who you are today?

You are!

In this time of Ascension, women across the planet are awakening and evolving to Who They Really Are — Sacred Women.

In this remarkable time, your paradigms of reality and identity are changing by the day as you shift out of third-dimensional consciousnesss (3D) and ascend to fourth- and fifth-level Consciousness (4D & 5D).

The only way to survive and thrive in Ascension is to evolve into your Sacred Self. 

The only question is: Are You Ready for the ride of your lifetime?

Are you ready to embody the living Force of the Divine Feminine?

Speak your white-hot Truth.

Unleash your Power.

Express your Magical creativity.

Spread your vast Love

Feel your luscious Sensuality.

Come, drink from the well of your Sacredness.

When you connect with your Sacred Feminine essence, magic happens.

Miracles happen.

To be an awakened, conscious, sacred woman is an intention. A commitment. A choice.

This is what I can help you with. Because this has been my journey and evolution. Because I am guided by the Divine Feminine. And because this is what I do best.

I support and guide you to:

  • Connect with your Inner Goddess
  • Cultivate and bloom into your Divine Feminine self emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually
  • Release whatever’s in the way of that
  • Create and manifest your sacred life, work, relationships, and Soul Purpose
  • Be your most remarkable, outrageous, magnificent, creative, sexual, and powerful Feminine Self


What will you get from this work?

  • Connect with your inner Goddess
  • Understand and work with your Goddess archetype
  • Soul activation
  • Sound and energy transmissions
  • Deep healing, transformational, and spiritual work to release what doesn’t serve you
  • Rituals and practices to evoke, invoke, and step into your Divine Feminine
  • Guidance in how to navigate and work with the energies of the higher dimensions of 4D and 5D
  • Manifestation mentorship

Divine Feminine and Women’s Empowerment sessions

Choose your package below:

Single Session:

  • Duration: 1-hour session.
  • Investment: $300

Truth Package

  • Duration: Four 1-hour Sessions
  • Investment: $1,200

Power Package

  • Duration: Twelve 1-hour Sessions
  • Investment: $3,480

Love Package

  • Duration: Twenty-Four 1-hour Sessions
  • Investment: $6,950

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