My Clients

My clients are women visionaries, creators, and leaders who question and challenge the status quo, envision a better world, and are ready to shine their light, love, and leadership to create a new world.

✨You want to heal. You are ready to shed whatever’s keeping you small, silent, and disempowered.

✨You want to love yourself. You want to give and receive love. You want to forgive.

✨You want to find your voice and express your gifts. You want to rise to your power. You want to delight in your sensuality.

✨You want to live your Soul Purpose.

✨You want to Fly. Evolve. Shine.


Work with Mytrae

To be an awakened, conscious, sacred woman is your intention. Your commitment. Your choice.

I mentor and support you to:

  • Heal from trauma and patriarchal conditioning
  • Find your voice and speak your truth.
  • Rise to your power
  • Embody your sacred passion
  • Love in all its forms — self-love and relationships
  • Discover and live your Soul Purpose
  • Create and express yourself and your gifts
  • Become a leader
  • Evolve to your best and Divine self.


I have been working with Mytrae for about 6 years now. In our work together, we’ve resolved several issues that seemed unsurmountable at the time. I’ll set an intention, and after some work and rumbling, that intention has become a reality months after. Mytrae’s skill in listening where the energy is, her sensitivity towards my processes, her wise compassion, and her abundant precise intuition create a unique attuned space that never fails to bring me home to myself. She is a master of what she does and it shows. I heartily recommend Mytrae to anyone who has a strong commitment to their own self-development and growth. 



Discovery Session

  • 1-hour
  • Investment: $299

Truth Package

  • 4 1-hour sessions
  • Investment: $1,199

Power Package

  • 8 1-hour sessions
  • Investment: $2299

Love Package

  • 12 1-hour Sessions
  • Investment: $3,399

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