Hello. I’m Mytrae (My-thray-YEE) Meliana. I teach and mentor women to live, love, and lead with their heart and Soul on fire.

 I’m a holistic psychotherapist, transformational coach, spiritual teacher, and channel in San Francisco.

I empower women like you to find your voice, speak your truth, embody your sensuality, and live from your power, passion, and purpose.

It is the Awakened Women’s Way. 

And I’d be honored and delighted to walk beside and guide you on yours.

It’s a journey I’ve personally travelled on.

I’ve been there — in darkness and light — so I am able to guide you on your journey. I guide you in your healing, transformation, and awakening so you can:

  • free yourself from patriarchal conditioning and trauma,
  • embody your truth, power, and intuition,
  • find your Soul Purpose.

I’m also the author of the eBook:

When I’m not working, I love to dance, hike in the beautiful Bay Area, connect with my friends, and travel. 

I work with individuals in person and online, groups, and organizations. Please contact me if you’d like to explore working together, or want to schedule a talk, workshop, or retreat.


My Story

“I am more than this. There has to be more to life. I’m here to do so much more.” These were thoughts I constantly struggled with when I felt trapped and stifled in a 15-year marriage and a soul-sucking job.

Yet I felt bound to stay married because of my cultural beliefs — I believed Indian women could marry only once, and that it was for life.

I didn’t believe I had a right to my own happiness, my own choices, or that I had gifts of any value to share with others.

For years, I privately questioned my marriage, my family’s and culture’s messages about who I could be a woman and what was possible for me in life. Only when I was 40, when I read about emotional abuse, did I reach out to a South Asian agency to ask if it applied to Indian women, too. When the counselor confirmed my marriage was emotionally abusive and assured me I had the same rights as American women, it dawned on me that I could choose myself. I began dreaming of a life of my own, beyond cultural and family messages, and for work that would feed my heart and soul.

Synchronistically, a Divine Feminine presence — Kali — showed up. She was Dark, Grounded, Powerful, and Maternal. Her unshakable, fierce presence, strength, and love gave me the courage I needed to break with my marriage, family, and culture.

I became a holistic psychotherapist and began my healing journey to heal from trauma, oppression, persecution, and patriarchal programming. I sought out many healing modalities and began to find my true self and reclaim my truth, power, and body.

I healed myself from Lyme Disease with holistic and spiritual treatments. When I cleared the root cause of my illness, I had a spiritual awakening and my intuition flowered. I connected with Beings of Light and Love who, to this day, guide and mentor me in every way.

I began to love and honor myself, correct power dynamics in my relationships, and stepped into my worth, truth, power, and forgiveness, My miraculous healing opened me to a completely new paradigm of energy, vibrational, and spiritual healing, and I saw how much more is possible for us all.

I set out to learn how I could offer similar magic and miracles to clients. And I would love to offer this to you.

My journey from trauma to is living proof that you, too, can:

  • Consciously challenge and overcome patriarchal, familial, social and cultural messages
  • Heal trauma
  • Discover and clear the underlying emotional and spiritual causes of illness 
  • Live your Soul’s dream
  • Cultivate your intuition
  • Partner with Spirit and the Divine Feminine
  • Learn to ask for and receive magic and miracles everyday 


    Talks & Workshops

    Mytrae is an inspiring speaker, storyteller, and transformational workshop leader.

    She speaks about women’s empowerment, the Divine Feminine, spiritual healing, and sound healing.

    She leads transformational and spiritual workshops for women.

    Contact her to speak and/ or lead a workshop for your group, community, or organization.