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Mytrae is an inspiring speaker, storyteller, and transformational workshop leader.

She speaks about women’s empowerment, the Divine Feminine, spiritual healing, and sound healing.

She leads transformational and spiritual workshops for women.

Contact her to speak and/ or lead a workshop for your group, community, or organization.

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Workshops For Women

The Way Of The Goddess

For centuries, women have denied and been denied their Divinity. But today, as women are  called to their Truth, Power, and Heart, they are awakening as Spiritual beings — as the Sacred Feminine. As Goddesses. The Sacred Feminine is your white-hot Truth, your fiery Power, your fearless Voice, your vast Love, your magical Creativity, and your luscious Sensuality. This workshop is an invitation, initiation, and journey for women to  experience, and embody their own unique Femininity. Read a full description here.


Find Your Kali Power

Women and power have had a complex relationship over the centuries. Patriarchy, religion, and negative conditioning have held women back from their Feminine power, but today women are waking up all over the world. In this workshop, we:

  • work with Kali, the Indian goddess and archetype of feminine Power
  • dismantle and shed ingrained conditioning that disempowers women
  • learn about feminine vs. masculine power
  • practice embodying power so women can embrace and stand tall in their authentic and unapologetic Feminine Power.


Women! Find Your Voice. Speak Your Truth.

Your voice and power are essential ingredients for a remarkable life. When you stay silent, quiet, and small, you deny yourself and the world your feminine power. You, your relationships, and life purpose deserve more than crumbs — you deserve a feast of empowered possibilities.

Did you know your voice is the quickest route to your power? This workshop helps you find your embodied voice so you speak your truth, show up in your life, and make your dreams a reality.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • ask for what you need and want in your life, work, and relationships
  • speak up and communicate clearly with friends, family, and lovers
  • live your own life, dream, and purpose instead of being driven by others expectations
  • stop apologizing, hiding, and people pleasing
  • unapologetically express your gifts


The Well Womb: Heal Your Wound. Awake Your Ecstasy.

As a woman, your power center is your womb. The Mayans call it the feminine brain. In India, it’s the wellspring of your shakti, Feminine Force.

When your womb isn’t whole or well, you might have fertility, sexual, and self-worth issues. You might struggle to be creative and own your full power. Or you might be powerful in a masculine way but disconnected from your authentic feminine power.

This workshop is designed to open, activate, and vibrate your womb towards wholeness, wellness, and ecstasy. We use languages your body understands — story, breathwork, and vibrational sound medicine.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • have fertility and sexual issues
  • have been sexually abused
  • want to discover and embody your femininity
  • want to feel more pleasure, desire, and ecstasy
  • want to connect with your shakti (feminine force)


Transform Your Story, Heal Your Body

If you have a negative story about yourself, others, and life it can live in your body as ill-health or disease. What is your story? In this workshop we uncover your body’s story, symbols, and messages to you, some of which may be self-limiting and sabotaging. In this workshop you will transform and create a new story for your life, well-being, and joy


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Inspirational Talks

Who, Me? The Reluctant Initiation of a Hindu Woman with Mother Mary

The last Sacred Being a brown, Hindu woman expects to show up in her life is a Catholic Ascended Master. Yogis, yes. Babas, of course. But Mother Mary? I share my unexpected, reluctant (and well-fought) initiation with the most fiercely persistent and remarkable Mother Mary, and her messages which will resonate with women of any race, color, and religious tradition.



Initiations With Kali and Mother Mary: My Unexpected Path Into The Arms Of The Divine Feminine

Initiations with the Divine are never expected. And, as most initiations go, there’s a bit of a battle because of what must be given up in order to receive sacred Gifts. I share my most unexpected and profound journey of Feminine healing and transformation with two remarkable Divine Feminine Beings — Kali and Mother Mary — along with their visions and messages which will resound in the hearts of many women.


How Spirituality, Love, And Forgiveness Can Heal Your Body, Mind, and Heart

When you’re sick, in pain, and suffering all you want is to feel better. I know. I’ve been there. But real healing that doesn’t just cure or alleviate pain must return us to vigor, joy, love, creativity, even magic. Is that possible? Most certainly. Because that is our body’s natural state. Sickness of the body reflects sickness of the soul. To truly heal from the inside out, medicine and healing must work with the thoughts, emotions, and soul. In this talk I share:

  • my story of holistic healing — physical, emotional, mental, karmic, and spiritual
  • how spirituality, love, and forgiveness can heal
  • how your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and story about ourselves, others, and our lives directly impact our physical and mental health
  • what is soul health
  • holistic and spiritual healing principles for an exuberant, creative, and fulfilling life


John of God: The Man, The Work, and My Miracle Healing From Lyme Disease

John of God is a Brazilian spiritual healer and medium who channels highly evolved spirits who have healed more than 8 million people over 50 years.This talk is about:

  • the extraordinary life of a man with an extraordinary mission
  • the Spiritist tradition that works with spirits beyond the veil to heal people (for free)
  • my own miracle healing from Lyme Disease
  • my emotional and spiritual healing journey, including unconditional Love, forgiveness, conversations with spirits, and finding my life purpose
  • aspects of spiritual healing such as love, forgiveness, past lives, karma, soul lessons, and alignment with Soul



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