Happy New Year & Blessings

Happy New Year & Blessings




May you walk with Beauty, 

the beauty of all that You are.


May you laugh out full and loud,

your belly shaking you to tears.


May the rain wash away your grief, worry, and pain,

and all that has been hard

into the earth,

so that young blades of grass

like new beginnings,

and wildflowers small and sweet

with fresh new tomorrows

sprout from the soil

moist and fertile with all you have shed.


May Mother Earth gather you close into her brown arms

so you feel her green hair brush against your face

as you gaze into her blue ocean eyes

so you may drink deep of her Love

as she awakens you to yours.


May the sun and the moon and the stars

shine their Light upon you,

awakening you to the Magic that you are.


May the thrush serenade you

so you may hear your own Song.

May the eagle lift and teach you

that you can, indeed, Soar.


May you, then, sing your own Song

— the Truth that lives in your bones —

of the Joy that ever pulses through you

unceasing as ocean waves.


May you dance and delight

in the arms of Big Love

first, as Beloved to yourself,

then, with another,

and with all that you love and birth and create.


May Passion shake you open

to the holy ecstasy of your body,

crumbling everything that holds you back,

keeps you small or silent or untrue,

so you feel, without a doubt,

the Sacredness of you.


May the tiger and the cheetah

stride beside you

so their power and protection

kindle your fierceness and your fire

to do only what you can do

in — and for — our world.


May you gather

all that you have learned in 2020

and all the ways you have grown

and add them to your crown.


May your heart and Soul sing

your desires, dreams, and delights

out sweet, out loud,

as you spread your arms wide

to welcome, invite, and embrace the New Year — 2021.


© Mytrae Meliana