What is your Truth calling you to?

What is your Truth calling you to?

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Here’s part of a channeled message from Mother Mary on Truth. Take your time in reading it to receive her words and transmissions.

“Dear One,

There are great things in all of you that must be spoken. Each of you has something special for yourself and for our world. Your Truth is sacred. Your deepest truths are your expression of your Divine Feminine self, the Goddess. And She, in each of you is unique, different, rare, and magnificent. In your journey as a human woman, it is for you to discover and express the truths of your deepest self — not the truths you have been told, whether it is from family, parents, culture, religion, tradition, or the mainstream.

Your Truth is like the pearl that lives within the oyster in the great wash of the ocean. To find your truth you must dive, as a diver does, deep into your depths, pick up your oyster shell, open it, and find your pearl. Right now, you might think your truth is the ocean because that’s what’s everywhere. Do not look for your truth in the marketplace or outside of you. Those are false truths. And some of them are even lies.”

What is your truth?

Centuries of trauma and patriarchy have caused women to stay silent, small, and unheard. We self-sabotage, feel afraid of what other people might think, tone ourselves down, hesitate, and doubt ourselves. It’s all too easy to go along with the mainstream and other people’s ideas and ways.

But your Truth is yours and yours alone. It is your power, your dignity, your beauty, and your freedom.

Your truth is a flame that lights your way. Your truth is a sword that cuts through the maze of falsities. Your truth is your path to your desires and dreams.

Your Truth is your journey to yourself. To become all that you are as a woman. Like a never-ending spiral, as you arrive at one truth, your path opens to another.

Your Truth is coming home to yourself. To remember who you are as a Divine Being.

To be in your Truth is to:

  • Be in authentic relationship with yourself
  • Say that thing you’ve been afraid or hesitate to say
  • Do that thing you haven’t done but want to do
  • Find your courage and conviction to live your truth
  • Express your precious, unique gifts and all that you are, no matter what

What is your Truth calling you to?




What is the biggest work for humanity at this time? (Channeled message from Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene)

What is the biggest work for humanity at this time? (Channeled message from Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene)





Dear Ones,

I am Mary. And I am Magdalene.

And I am the Divine Mother.

I’m coming through today to you all to let you know that you are in my heart. And I that I have the whole world — your planet — in my heart.

I want you to know that we are watching you work and change and shift, and that there is so much more happening beyond what you know, what is happening in the news or what is being revealed in the news.

There is a plan for your planet, a Divine Plan. And you and so many are part of this plan — this Great Awakening. There is so much that is being planned that human beings have no idea about. Because to know would be to frighten people. What I want you to know is that the plan is for good. Each soul is receiving and working through and evolving in their own way, in their time, at their pace, and at their purpose and capacity.

The biggest work for human beings at this time

The biggest work for human beings at this point is to know their hearts — their Sacred Heart. And while that seems like a very remote, even too spiritual a subject, you have no idea how powerful your heart is. Just by sending love to someone, you change the energy of the planet.

Just by caring for someone, a group, a country, a people, you change the energy. So, so much can be done without what is viewed as productive action. Because your heart, what you feel and want and desire and hope for and intend for others with love, which is the operative word, is action.

So while you’re all seemingly isolated and may feel helpless, not able to do. Simply sitting and allowing yourself to feel love, compassion, goodwill, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, shared humanity with another elevates the entire world to a world with heart.

And then the question before you is, can you and will you allow yourself to love another? To love another’s heart regardless of their personality?

It seems unthinkable in a world that knows polarity where so much about us vs. them has been playing out. The answers, the solutions to the problems that you’re experiencing and facing will not mainly come from what you do in terms of legal, and social and political work. But from this energetic heart-shift.

And that is the reason for this program, Love Revolution.

It is to dare you to be, perhaps, the bravest you can be. To see someone so completely different from you, and to still be open in your heart to their heart.

The work of love

Your heart is a beam of light, much like the headlights of a car. And when you feel love or even kindness or understanding towards another, you dissolve these barriers and walls that have been erected for centuries. It is as though your heart emits beams of light, much like your sci-fi movies, that can actually dissolve and touch others. Whether or not they receive them or are ready to receive them, that is not important.

What is important is the work of love. The act of love. In any form.

And we know that this is a very difficult challenge. But it can also be a practice. Because this is the new world. This is what your planet is being elevated towards.

Can humanity love each other? Is the biggest question you are all facing.

And can you, my daughters, hold that? It doesn’t have to be all the time, we know. But to even have the intention to recognize another as human, and therefore having their own heart, wherever their heart is. And wherever their capacity to love is. To not judge, which is one of the biggest barriers as well.

This does not have to be done today. But to even hold this as a possibility for yourself as a person, as a woman. That no matter who another is, they are also a child of God and the Goddess. They may be a baby compared to where you are in terms of evolution of Soul, but that does not exclude them from the possibility and reality of their own evolution in time over lifetimes.

You are here because you have evolved over lifetimes and in this lifetime. So, can you hold that possibility for them? As though many are children reaching for fire, playing with fire and need to learn. They too are learning.

This does not mean you do not act in the world and stand up for what you believe and fight the good fight. We want you to do that. That is essential. Because you are in a position to help many. But what we ask you to do is to hold in your hearts the possibility for all to know what you know.

It’s not about who’s right or wrong

For to judge them from where you are is to not only damn them but yourself. For as you judge, so will you be judged. As you despise and reject, so will you be.

So this is less a question of who is right and wrong and what the ideology is, but more the question of, even with difference, and maybe especially with difference, can you still walk with love?

You do not have to agree. But can you hold love?

And if love feels too strong, then understanding, curiosity, and a space in your mind for the possibility that they too, have a heart. However buried, however protected, however defended, however wounded, however small the flame, the spark exists within them.

This is what we desire for your planet, for each of you, and for all humanity. For I hold all in my heart, as Mary. And I pray for all. For you are all my own, my children, my family. I cannot stand to see one being elevated and another reduced or hurt.

It is all coming to a head now: Bloodshed, the hate, this other vs. myself. We know you feel that too.


The solution

So the solution, though it does not seem worldly or media-worthy, but the solution can happen in everyone’s homes. To sit for a few moments each day, to pray for the world.


What is sensuality? (Channeled message from Mother Mary)

What is sensuality? (Channeled message from Mother Mary)

As the tide swells and intensifies in this time of upheaval, it becomes more and more urgent to tend to the Feminine.

After centuries of patriarchy, we women are in process of gathering lost fragments of our bodies, hearts, and souls and knitting ourselves back together.

The Feminine… as women are in dire need of:

  • healing
  • empowerment
  • and awakening.

Because of patriarchy, so much of who you are as a woman has been cut out and dismembered. Your voice. Your body. Your power. Your sacredness.

And your womb — the living well of your femininity, fertility, and creativity.

When a woman’s womb isn’t healed, she can have physical and emotional health issues. She may not be able to access pleasure and desire. She may not be able to create — and this is not only children. She may not truly know and embody who she is as a woman.

Women’s wombs have the same energies of fertility as Mother Earth. Your womb is a portal to Shakti—the creative Force of the Universe. Ironically (or not so ironically), the most hallowed place in our bodies is the most violated.

Women have huge amounts of wounding, shame, fear, guilt, and taboo on a cellular level in their wombs, and about their sensuality and sexuality. Whether or not they’ve experienced sexual trauma. In ancient times of the Goddess, it was commonly known that our wombs and vaginas were honored places of great pleasure, ecstasy, mystery, and connection to the Divine. Yes, sexuality and sacredness was integrated then. We need to rediscover and embody this ancient wisdom for ourselves.

I will be offering a 4-month “Womb and Sexual Healing” Program next month.

In preparation, I asked Mother Mary: What is sensuality?

Here’s what she said.

What is sensuality?

Sensuality is the deliciousness of your body. The most important language your body knows is sensuality. You are animal. You have an animal body and you must get in touch with that to love yourself.

There are so many who are religious or spiritual but hate their bodies. This separation causes disease, causes emotional sickness. You see animals don’t get depressed unless we expose them to human conditions like caging. When you are wild in your body, sensual in your body, your energy moves and you can process the stresses of life quicker. Your sensuality is as divine as a flower, as supple as the movement of a cat, as natural as flowing water. Why would you deny it? Why would you deny a flower? A wild animal? A stream? Their simple naturalness and beauty.

When you are sensual, you are in touch with your life force, with shakti, and you are not in your mind but in the sacredness of your being, of your body. So many people think they must separate body from Spirit, that Spirit is sacred and body is to be denied or is unholy. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Your body is the temple of your Soul. If your body is not made temple, your Soul will not enter. Your temple must be beautiful, clean, fresh, alive, with the elements, and must enjoy itself, and love itself, and have every pleasure and physical beauty. Just as any space you go to, whether it’s your home, a spa, a store, any place that is beautifully decorated makes you feel different. And that is how you need to be with it.

Decorate it. Decorating from the inside for no other reason than to enjoy. And yes, this too, for there are so many different kinds of sensuality. This is essential for a woman and for any person. The sickness is to go into your mind and leave your body. The sickness is to betray your body, the pleasure of sensuality, and beautiful grace and movement. The betrayal is to not enjoy yourself.

You get there in many ways. Through your breath, the sensuality of your breath. Through movement. Through bringing your attention into your body, especially the places you hate, deny, that have been shut down. When you bring pleasure into your body you’re alive. You have the ease and grace of an animal, the magnetism of power. Your sensuality is the Divine Feminine.

Know me in this way, and you will know God and the Goddess. Claim your body. Claim your beauty. Claim your sensual desires and pleasures. They are holy. No less holy than the God in a church, an idol in a temple, a slab in the mosque, or whatever you pray to.

So put your sensuality up on the altar. Until you know me in this way you are not yet fully whole.


How to be with uncertainty

How to be with uncertainty

We’re in uncertain times. The world and reality as we know it is breaking up.

We’re uncertain. We don’t know what’s next. We don’t know the way forward. We’re passing through a door — a portal — of no return.

Uncertainty makes us feel shaky. It brings up fear, worry, anxiety, and panic.

It also makes us hold on desperately to what we know,  to what’s familiar, and to expect we’ll return to the world as we knew it.

It’s instinctive.

Though holding on might be the last thing that’s helpful. Not only to grow, but to survive.

Because we’re being forced to change.

I went to Mother Mary with my own uncertainty. And to ask for guidance.

Here’s what she (and other beings) said.


Channeled message from Mother Mary

Dearest Mary,

How are we to be with uncertainty?

Dear One,

As you did just now, it is to not know. When you do not know, you are open.

When you do not know, you are naked.

When you do not know, everything becomes possible.

And that is the place the Divine is asking you and all of humanity to come to.

It is as though you are now ready to grow from an infant who can only crawl to a toddler who can learn to stand. It will be wobbly. It will be shaky. You will fall and hurt yourselves.

But come to me naked and not knowing. For then your heart is open to receiving Me.

You cannot know and do not know the next cycle of your collective evolution. It will not be like what you have had. It will not be what you know. And therefore this uncertainty is preparing you all to open to possibility. To many possibilities.

Possibilities for healing. Possibilities for equality and unity. Possibilities for peace and caring and brotherhood and sisterhood. Possibilities for co-existing in harmony, respect, and honor. Possibilities to be truly human, not where the world has been for so long.  Possibilities for kindness, gentleness, giving and sharing. Possibilities for truth and beauty and rest and abundance for all. Possibilities for balance without the jagged peaks of those who have so much and those who have so little.

That is the great pain of this world. The greed. The hate. The violence. The judgments.

This is a possibility to grow up. For you are no longer children.

Possibility is a choice

Those of you who will open to this possibility will know a whole new world. And it is a choice.

It is a choice to give up what you know, to open, receive, and claim the larger spheres and dimensions of you. All will not do this. And that will be as it is for now.

But for those of you who are uncertain, come to us. Look to us. Ask us. Ask. Reach for the Divine. This is a journey of you opening to the larger dimension of who you are as a human being.

The uncertainty and not knowing is the wall that forces you to look up, stretch your arms and legs to climb to a higher dimension. So it is not the end, but it is a beginning of the new.

The choice to climb is a choice. We are watching each and every one of you. When you ask, we reach down and lift you up. We cannot help those who will not ask.

Come to know You

Know that when you feel the most alone, and step into that not knowing, the light of the Divine shines upon you so that you may look up to see the truth of You.

For you are one with God and Goddess. And you have forgotten this. You live broken lives — jagged lives of suffering and toil and separation. This is the time to stop denying the greatness and grandeur of You. The power of You. The beauty of You. The majesty of You. The love that You are. And the light of You.

So claim your Divine Self. Come uncertain. Come not knowing. And the doors will be flung open.

You are always in our hearts.


Racism and how you can heal it (channeled wisdom from the Divine Feminine)

Racism and how you can heal it (channeled wisdom from the Divine Feminine)


I am deeply troubled by the current racist violence and inhumanity. The heat of my own internalized racism and racism has been rising up, like fire on my skin. I know as a woman of color and an immigrant that my self-worth is very connected to this issue.

So I went into prayer and meditation this morning, and asked Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for guidance. This is what came through which I want to share with you.


Dearest Mary,

Please help me heal my judgement towards myself of my color and my race, and my judgment of others’ color and their race. It is so deep in my cells. Please help me release this. Please help me raise my head high and to speak my truth of what I know, with love.

Please help me release my negative feelings and beliefs towards white people, and all that they have done over the centuries. I’ve probably been white, too, in past lifetimes.

If you have any words of wisdom or guidance or healing, I would love to receive.


Dear One,

I am with you.

This is a pain and a thinking that you hold that you and the world holds not only in their minds but in their cells and in their very bones. This system of racism, of believing one is more valuable than another is abhorrent. This points to a great need of growth for humankind.

Mother Earth is angry.

People are angry, and rightly so, for this must be corrected to move forward, to evolve. It is essential for each person to clear in their eyes, in their minds, in their hearts, in their bodies, and their Souls this hatred and fear of a different race.

This separation, these judgments, these beliefs of who is better than are sins. This is grievous, grievous, erroneous thinking.

It sets you up to be enemies. It sets you up to war against each other.

Most of all, it sets you up to prevent from loving yourself.

And from receiving love from others.

With this kind of hate you will forever be impoverished in some form or fashion. And this impoverishment, and this disease of racism will find its way to you as long as you keep this hate, hold on to this hate and otherness.

It will come to you as disease. It will come to you as pestilence. It will come to you as it has in the current virus. It will come to you as a lack of love, as broken families, as a broken life, as a poverty of comfort.

What humankind does not know, or most of humankind does not know, is that what you do and how you think about another boomerangs to yourself.

Right now there is a somewhat legal system although that is greatly, shall we say, faulty. But the true legality exists on an energetic and a spiritual level. That what indeed you think about, say about, feel about, and do to another from hatred, from judgment, with anger, and violence will, without a doubt, return back to you personally. To your life. You and you alone are responsible. It is not whether you are caught in the act. It does not matter if nobody sees the act or the thought or the feeling. That is not what is accounted for here. There is a higher law. The Law of Karma — of cause and effect. What you do, think about, say about, and feel about another will boomerang back to you.

Most of humankind does not know this, does not live by this. It is an area of growth direly necessary. You are all in the throes of this. There will be suffering. There will be upheaval. There will be pain. There will be death. But you are in the churn of it all.

You can choose to be in the churn of it. But the fastest way out from this churn is to look inside yourself.

Look inside your mind for your own judgments.

1. First, about yourself.

How do you see yourself in comparison with people who look different from you? How do you feel about yourself? How do you hold the color of your skin? What is the value or the devalue that you give it?

How you hold this is a stance. And like any stance, it has a vibration that can be changed, as you know, in an instant. So, do that.

Change your stance.

Choose to change your stance. Where there is separation, where there is self-violation, where there is self-disregard, self-dismissal, putting yourself down, thinking yourself inferior, go into your heart and bring — find the love. Color in those places with all your favorite colors. Adorn yourself. Bedeck yourself there. Create practices to make yourself feel beautiful, worthy, powerful, gifted, and Divine.

This is the inward step toward yourself.

2. The second is towards others.

How do you see others? Be very, very watchful here. Because it is easy to rationalize. How do you regard people who look different from you? How do you feel towards them? What arises in your body? How do you treat them? How have you treated them before?

This is an uncomfortable practice because we all want to think of ourselves as not having such feelings but it is essential, because if you don’t, this is what will return back to you in some shape, form, or manner.

So note your thoughts and feelings and sensations, and now, bring love there. And notice what comes up as you bring love. Whether you fight it. Whether you resist it. Whether you don’t want it. Whether you push it away. Or you think it shouldn’t be so. Where it confronts your idea of what reality should be like. And, especially what you have gained by these ways of thinking. What have you gained? In what ways have you felt better about yourself? Or felt superior? Pumped up your ego?

Much of this has been inherited from those who have gone before you. You do not have to follow blindly any more. You can turn the tide. You can change the tide of this ocean. And say no, that you choose something different here.

And then, choose it.

Bring love. Bring the flowers, the colors, and the animals. Bring all the music.

Go back in time to think of all the ways, experiences, where you have regarded others in this way. Whether or not you were taught to. When you were taught to and were blindly in the throes of that.

And when you knew what you were doing.

It is uncomfortable but stay there. Don’t let yourself off the hook.

So bring love. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Friendship.

3. And the third step is towards Mother Earth.

And with that, do the same thing. In what ways have you used her? Trampled her? Taken more from her than you needed? Thought of her as a thing?

And the same applies to God. To the Divine.

All of this is an exercise for you to know love. For you to love yourself. And to love others. Loving does not mean giving yourself away, or not setting boundaries, or saying no, or standing up for yourself. That is all truth and is necessary when it’s needed. But it is time to change these old, old fears, judgments, beliefs between races.

So begin.

We are with you as you do this work.

Blessings to all.

About Love, being true to you, and the Feminine (channeled message from Mother Mary)

About Love, being true to you, and the Feminine (channeled message from Mother Mary)

This is a message channeled from Mother Mary about Love, the necessity of being true to yourself in this time of intense shift, and Femininity.


Love does not mean denying yourself. Love does not mean being small. Love does not mean remaining in fear, guilt, and shame.

To love is to claim your infinite brilliance, vastness, light, sovereignty, authority, dignity, majesty, beauty, delight, sacredness, prosperity, health, partnership, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, glory, success, fame if it is what the Soul wants.


And to learn to bring love where there wasn’t love before.

Learn to be true to yourself

Love is to learn to be true to you. To live from who you are, not other people’s modes of living or what the world believes.
So much of the external world is lies. This is to learn to live your true life. Only that brings true happiness and joy and pleasure and satisfaction. Otherwise there is always this sense of something missing, or not quite right. And in worse cases it can feel like a depression or a deadness.
But your whole body sings when you do what you are to do, when you are who you are. And this is often surrounded by great fear because for many, the indoctrination has been to not be who you are, but to be what others want you to be, or what society and patriarchy and even religions have said you can be, can have, and are. But you have no idea how incredible you are.
The way to know that is not with your conscious mind, although it has a small part to play. The way to know you is to go within. Into your body, into your heart, and into your Soul. The answers you seek are within you. The way to manifest your biggest dreams and desires are by turning your eyes inward.

The Feminine

The Feminine does not have to be mild or subservient. The Feminine is fire. The Feminine is a sword. The Feminine is fierce.
The Feminine is outrageously beautiful and does not dim her light for anyone. The Feminine believes in herself. The Feminine speaks out against wrongdoing, lies, the imposters. The Feminine is a truth teller. The Feminine is not ashamed of her body but delights in her sensuality and sexuality. The Feminine is a sister, a daughter of Mother Earth. The Feminine reaches for the stars because she knows that’s who she is.
The Feminine is playful. The Feminine is funny. The Feminine is very creative. The Feminine sees through the appearance of things to the truth within. She lives with her eyes in her heart and body.The Feminine chooses herself and loves herself. The Feminine is not afraid to be different or tell it like it is.
The Feminine is returning to take her rightful place on the planet. And you can be part of it.


If you want to walk the Path of Love, check out my upcoming program LOVE REVOLUTION. We start May 2020.