About Love, being true to you, and the Feminine (channeled message from Mother Mary)

About Love, being true to you, and the Feminine (channeled message from Mother Mary)

This is a message channeled from Mother Mary about Love, the necessity of being true to yourself in this time of intense shift, and Femininity.


Love does not mean denying yourself. Love does not mean being small. Love does not mean remaining in fear, guilt, and shame.

To love is to claim your infinite brilliance, vastness, light, sovereignty, authority, dignity, majesty, beauty, delight, sacredness, prosperity, health, partnership, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, glory, success, fame if it is what the Soul wants.


And to learn to bring love where there wasn’t love before.

Learn to be true to yourself

Love is to learn to be true to you. To live from who you are, not other people’s modes of living or what the world believes.
So much of the external world is lies. This is to learn to live your true life. Only that brings true happiness and joy and pleasure and satisfaction. Otherwise there is always this sense of something missing, or not quite right. And in worse cases it can feel like a depression or a deadness.
But your whole body sings when you do what you are to do, when you are who you are. And this is often surrounded by great fear because for many, the indoctrination has been to not be who you are, but to be what others want you to be, or what society and patriarchy and even religions have said you can be, can have, and are. But you have no idea how incredible you are.
The way to know that is not with your conscious mind, although it has a small part to play. The way to know you is to go within. Into your body, into your heart, and into your Soul. The answers you seek are within you. The way to manifest your biggest dreams and desires are by turning your eyes inward.

The Feminine

The Feminine does not have to be mild or subservient. The Feminine is fire. The Feminine is a sword. The Feminine is fierce.
The Feminine is outrageously beautiful and does not dim her light for anyone. The Feminine believes in herself. The Feminine speaks out against wrongdoing, lies, the imposters. The Feminine is a truth teller. The Feminine is not ashamed of her body but delights in her sensuality and sexuality. The Feminine is a sister, a daughter of Mother Earth. The Feminine reaches for the stars because she knows that’s who she is.
The Feminine is playful. The Feminine is funny. The Feminine is very creative. The Feminine sees through the appearance of things to the truth within. She lives with her eyes in her heart and body.The Feminine chooses herself and loves herself. The Feminine is not afraid to be different or tell it like it is.
The Feminine is returning to take her rightful place on the planet. And you can be part of it.


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Coronavirus is a wakeup call for a new story. What will yours be?

Coronavirus is a wakeup call for a new story. What will yours be?

We’re being called to change our stories.

We live within a story: that our independent will creates our reality. 

The story that our independence, individualism, our rational mind, the masculine way, and ego create our reality. And these have served us well. Indeed, our egos have served us very well. Many of us also have the story that we’re the most intelligent and powerful species on our planet.

But we’re all being forced to reflect upon these stories.

The Coronavirus is an invitation, though it appears otherwise, to the larger story of who we are and who you are.

Because we’re the frogs who’ve reached the circumference of the well we swim in. 

And we’re faced with a decision: do I stay where I am or leap beyond what I know to be true?

Your story of who you are and what our world is, is changing.

What is your story?

To make a new path into our unknown future, we’re being compelled to change our stories.

As women, we’re being called to change our stories of who we are, detox from patriarchal conditioning, and find our feminine truths, heart, and power.

What we haven’t realized as a collective is that we live within a larger story. That’s the story of our Souls. The story of Mother Earth. And Universal stories, which are the Laws of the Universe. These larger stories are founded on harmony, truth, connectedness and interconnectedness. And the spiritual nature of Being. And, of course, Love.

We’re the note that is out of harmony in a chord. And when a note is flat, the tuner will tune that note, whether it’s a guitar, a piano or a violin. The instrument doesn’t matter–the harmony matters.  So we’re being retuned with the seeming devastation—and I’m not downplaying the horrors of it—but there is no growth without pain, without learning, without shifting.

We’re being called to wake up to the larger story of who we are—Sacred Beings.

We are being called to a story beyond fear, ego, will, and reason — to the larger story your Heart and Soul knows.

To a Story of Love.

Love is the story that melts differences and isms.

Love is the story that frees you from pain, suffering, violence, lack, oppression, and servility.

Love is the story that opens the door to magic and miracles.

Like any frog who’s arrived at the circumference of the well, the story you want in your body and mind and heart is a choice.

What will you choose?

Will you stay? Or leap?

And what story will you choose?


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“Brown Skin Girl” has launched on Amazon! 💃🔥🌟

“Brown Skin Girl” has launched on Amazon! 💃🔥🌟


She’s here! She’s here! She’s here!

I’m SO excited to let you know my memoir Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American Woman’s Magical Journey From Broken to Beautiful has launched!

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It’s been a long, wild, and extraordinary ride to get Brown Skin Girl ready for the world. I’m so delighted she’s birthed! And grateful to so many people who midwifed her and me to make it happen. 😃

My intention for Brown Skin Girl is that she be Story Medicine for women so they feel inspired to choose themselves, speak their truth, heal, rise, and shine their Light.

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I do hope you enjoy her! Happy reading!



If you lead me, I will follow

If you lead me, I will follow


A sweetness descends upon and envelopes me even before I finish my prayers. I’ve just settled onto my couch to meditate. My eyelids closed only a couple minutes ago, shutting out the cathedral of redwoods beyond my windows.

My words, “Make me an instrument…” fade in my mind, like ink on water.

Instead, the word “sweet” rises up. There’s a sweetness here.

It’s the quality of Mother Mary’s energy this morning.

It’s a sweetness I haven’t known. A sweetness that has probably come to me many times in my life in the form of women offering a particular quality of friendship that I’ve pushed away and run from.

But this energy, here, now is a feminine sweetness. Sister softness.

The kind I can rest my head upon. A sweetness that wraps her arms around me to say she is there no matter what. That I don’t have to do anything.

For her.

For anyone.

Not do anything to be loved?

My nervous system isn’t wired that way.

But there it is. Here she is. My body trembles a little. Hard to believe. But her sweetness is unwavering.

I breathe in more deeply to take in the honey of her. And another breath. She enters and descends into me, like a pink feather, wafting into my lungs and heart. My body drinks in her presence and trembles at the same time.

When she reaches my belly my body starts to shake like a small earthquake. Waves of fear ripple from my belly throwing something up and out.

Mistrust. Disbelief.

Even after journeying together for so long how hard it is for me to trust her.

Even after all the times she’s come to me how hard it is to fully believe she’s really there. Here. With me. No matter what.

How hard it is to fully believe the Divine’s unfailing promises, presence, and power in my life.

How many times I’ve turned away and distracted myself with work that’s known and accepted in the world. With taking yet another course. With the Internet.

She, Queen of Heaven, has come to me, asking, asking, asking me to walk with her to carve a new path.

One that doesn’t exist. One you don’t go to school for to get a degree. One where I get to walk with her.

Walk with Her!? Work with Her!?


I have not believed. It’s been easier to shoo away her messages like a nice visualization you think is make-believe.

But now, as the earthquake in my body throws up lava of mistrust and disbelief, a corridor of light opens before me.

And the words burst from my lips, If you lead me I will follow.

If you lead me I will follow.

If you lead me I will follow.

No matter what it looks like. No matter where I may go.

At that instant a shining crown appears four feet above my head.

It is glorious not because of its precious metal or gleaming jewels, but because it is the crown of the Divine Feminine.

With the radiance of more than a thousand suns.

It is being placed upon me. She is placing it upon me.

And the thundering radiance of a thousand suns and moons and stars showers down all around me.

I am blessed.

I am crowned.

I am initiated.

Not with success, fame, material wealth, or whatever the marketplace and world may chase.

But with the Crown of the Divine Feminine.

I surrender.

To your will, not mine.

If you lead me I will follow.

I am to walk in the world as her.

I am to speak as her. Be her mouthpiece.

Still, I am aware of the stark disparity of my identity. I feel like two people: one with bedraggled worth, the other crowned as the Divine Feminine.

And the bedraggled part drags in its always question, like a tattered rag: Why me?

For the first time, another voice arises in me to silence it. Perhaps it’s time to stop asking that question. And just accept what is.


Who you really are.


I said “Yes” today

I said “Yes” today

I said Yes today.

It’s  been building for some time, now.

Like… for years.

I’ve played with my “yes”. Done a few things here and there. Tested it out, like a cat teases a mouse.

I was unsure. Disbelieving. Skeptical. And seriously, seriously doubtful.

And then there’s that always that ever-present friend I’ve travelled with my whole life… worth.

Am I worthy? Good enough? ME???

But today… today felt different.

Today, I could feel the energy pulling at me. I could feel Mother Mary stretch her arm out to me after my meditation, that if I would only take it she would guide me through the door.

Her offer wasn’t conditional. Or time bound. It never is.

I could quite literally see and feel a door ajar to my right, waiting. A shimmering portal to possibility.

It’s been open for a while. And yes, Mary’s told me about it for a long, long while. But I just busied myself with the rest of my life, looking at it from the corner of my eye now and then, saying I’d get to it.

Some. Day. Hah! (We know all that excuse, don’t we?)

But today the pull of the energy current was strong enough for me to sit my seat back on my couch for Meditation Session #2.

Now that’s uncommon.

Then there they were. 3 declarations flowed from my heart, body, and soul.

And a shower of energy poured down on me—liquid light that I know to be Truth. Holy Truth, Holy Fire, which I know as Mother Mary.

(Even as I write these words, I’m thinking… will you understand? Ah, the dregs of old conditioning. But no more. It doesn’t matter if you understand or not. I must write for me, and for the one person who might need to hear.)

Then she asked me to say them out loud.

I did.

“I am the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess”

“I am here to lead women to become the Goddesses that they are.”

“I am a spiritual teacher.”

With each sentence my spine felt electrified, jolted with ice-cold fire energy all the way down to my root chakra.




That’s how I know it’s true.

It didn’t even take that long. But there it was. Just like that.

My Yes. Choosing my Destiny. Claiming my Destiny.

Words spoken out into air. Electrified spine. Hair standing on end. And I stepped through the door of my destiny out of the fog of doubt, disbelief, and little self-worth.

And for the first time, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Not even you…

(I guess it’s no coincidence it’s Lion’s Gate and Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse today!!)

And you?

Is this how you say yes? Wait and wait, then when you’re finally ready, effortlessly step through the door?


What is the Language of Light?

What is the Language of Light?


Are you experiencing that:

  1. Change is increasingly rapid?
  2. The moment you evolve to one level, you have to leap to the next? Perhaps you’re switching careers. Again. And again.
  3. Chaos is rampant worldwide as our collective shadow is thrown up in every way?

Then, read on.

Chaos and change everywhere are turbulent waters, yes, but they’re also new waves of growth. And you’re being forced to learn how to surf them.

As you heal your body, empower yourself, raise your vibration, and awaken to new levels of Consciousness, you’re becoming more of who you truly are — a Spiritual being.

You’re awakening to new intelligences, frequencies, and possibilities.

This is Ascension — the quantum leap you and everyone on our planet is currently experiencing.

You can’t control the surging waves — however much you might try. You’re being forced to learn to surf them.

In new ways.

But your healing and awakening don’t have to be difficult or stormy. Because newer, unheard of phenomenon are emerging to assist with your awakening.

One such phenomenon is the Language of Light.

Currently, only lightworkers know about this, but soon it will be on CNN.


Photo by Joshua Earle


What is the Language of Light?

1. Star Language.

Language of Light is a language that you, a spiritual being who comes from the stars, can understand. Not with your mind, but your body, cells, DNA, and soul.

Yes, you are made of stardust. Even astrophysicists Karel and Iris Schrijver confirm this in their book Living With the Stars: How the Human Body is Connected to the Life Cycles of the Earth, the Planets, and the Sun.

Your body actually understands the language of stars.


2. Language of Light heals, releases toxic beliefs and emotions, retrieves soul parts, carries Light into your cells, and helps you remember who you are.

Language of Light is extremely healing, transformational, and awakening in a rapid, exquisitely gentle way.

Most people feel like they’re “coming home to themselves”. They remember who they are on very, very deep levels.

3. Activates your junk DNA

Channeled books have long said that your junk DNA is really only dormant.

Recently evolutionary biologists who work on The Genome Project agree that junk DNA has hidden treasures.

Language of Light activates your DNA to activate dormant intelligences, knowledge, and superpowers that far exceed mainstream capacities.


4. Quantum communication from your Soul, guides, and Star community

You don’t just have a human family. You also have a community of Light Beings from many realms — they’re called your Star communities.

Language of Light is one way your Soul and light beings from other realms assist in your awakening and evolution.

Channels who receive Light Language receive these higher frequency languages that are then transmitted to humanity.

5. Is the language of Body, Heart, and Soul

Sound is one of the main ways Language of Light is transmitted. Sound carries light and information into the body.

Since we’re all energy, you understand in ways beyond your rational mind. And that’s where we want to go. Because our rational minds have taken us and our planet as far as they can.

It’s time to leap — into a language of heart and Soul with ourselves, with each other, and with our Mother Gaia.

Photo by alexander milo on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Milo


My Journey With The Language of Light

When I suddenly started channeling healing music on my piano a few years ago, I had no idea what it was. I just sobbed to receive what felt like the Divine Feminine coursing through my body.

My spirit guides told me in the way they often do (with words and pictures in my mind) that the music coming through was the Language of Light. They also gave me instructions of what to do with it. I scratched my head. My mind couldn’t make sense of it. Short of banging a frying pan on my thick skull, they tried many times to help me understand. But it all sounded like gobbledy-gook.

I had no reference point.

But when I found Jamye Price on YouTube I finally began to understand.

Since then, I’ve had friends and clients come lie under the piano who’ve had powerful experiences, awakenings, inspirations, and downloads. They felt like they released a ton of baggage and emotional gunk effortlessly, sank into themselves on very deep levels, had exquisite visions, and were shown their Soul’s path in ways they didn’t know before.

What do you think about all this?

Gobbledy-gook or amazing? 

And, would you like to have a Language of Light transmission with me? 

Much love,