What is Sound Medicine?

What is Sound Medicine?


I’ve started working with clients and groups using sound (crystal bowls, voice, and instruments) and their responses have been nothing short of amazing.

One man said, “I’d pay every week for this — it got me out of my mind, which I simply can’t do on my own.”

A woman after a 10-minute crystal bowl sounding said, “I felt my uterus being healed — it was an issue I had 20 years ago.”

Another woman said, “I heard the words ‘I AM’ and felt this extraordinary feeling of love for humanity and our planet. I felt connected with everyone and everything. It was a cosmic experience.”

Others say how deeply relaxed and refreshed they feel, the shifts they experience, insights, releases, visions, and connection with guides and spirits.

I’ve had many wonderful experiences with healing sounds. 

Once, I had a sprained knee which ached quite abit. While leading a chant group, I experimented by resting my tanpura (an Indian drone instrument) against it. After the hour, my pain completely vanished! Since then, I use it on people’s bodies while I’m sound healing.

I’m completely fascinated and passionate about the power and possibility sound healing has for humanity and our planet.


10 ways sound medicine works for you:

  1. Heals (and speaks) to your body on cellular levels.
  2. Stimulates and strengthens all your systems and organs — endocrine, circulation, digestion, heart, brain, immune, and hormonal.
  3. Leads you into very deep states of relaxation to de-stress and get out of your non-stop mind.
  4. Balances and connects your left and right brain hemispheres.
  5. Cleanses your body and energy field of negative energy, toxins, andstuck emotions, and helps you release whatever you’re ready to release.
  6. Sings your body back to its original song and harmonics.
  7. Connects you with your spirituality. You might even connect with your guides and beings of Light and Love.
  8. Opens you to fresh, expanded perspectives and insights.
  9. Activates your third eye (pituitary gland), pineal gland, and intuition.
  10. Helps you feel refreshed, whole, restored.


What is sound medicine?

Sound medicine is a healing modality that uses the law of vibration to heal your body, mind, heart, and soul.

Sound medicine is based on the principle that you are energy. Your bones, your muscles, your organs, your thoughts, and your feelings.

Your body isn’t solid matter. It’s made of energy. Your body seems and feels solid, but it isn’t.

If you were to peer at your cells through an electron microscope, you would see a combination of waves and particles.

And these waves and particles in your cells understand sound. Yes, that’s right, they understand the language of sound just as you understand these words.

Your cells absorb, translate, and use the sounds in the way they need to.

The magical thing about sound is that you don’t have to know how it works. It just does.

With sound medicine you can treat your body and mind on their most fundamental level — as energy.

Sound medicine uses healing sounds to resonate, realign, harmonize, activate, and balance you on every level.

Some healing sounds are sounds of nature, your voice, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, instruments, bells, gongs, and drums.

If you haven’t tried a sound healing, be prepared for a magical experience!



4 Ways to Navigate Your Transition to Your Soul Purpose Work

4 Ways to Navigate Your Transition to Your Soul Purpose Work


I’ve been coaching several clients who are transitioning from work that only pays the bills to work that feeds their soul and lines their pockets.

If you’re transitioning as well, read on.

You’re likely jumping up and down with excitement if you’re stepping into your Soul Purpose.

You might also be biting your fingernails wondering how it’s all going to work out. Maybe you’re trying to micromanage your process. Or, maybe you don’t fully believe — in your Soul Purpose, yourself, and the Universe — you might be standing on the diving board, getting ready to jump.

Wherever you are, it’s perfect.

Every stage is part of your process. Because there’s so much preparation that needs to happen before you jump.

Here are four ways to navigate your remarkable process:


1. Visualize and Feel

Have and play a few pictures in your mind, on your phone, or vision board. Feel yourself lifting off from the diving board, arms outstretched, living one day of your soul’s calling.

Re-play these movies a few times a day. While you brush your teeth, commute to work, or exercise. The images and pictures are your practice sessions. Every time you visualize, you align with your subconscious and Soul. The more you align, the more you believe, and the closer you get to manifesting your dreams.

Because your thoughts, images, and intentions are lightning that create your future.

andrea-reiman-256853-unsplash poppies finalPhoto Andrea Reiman


2. Chant your Mantra

Create your Soul Purpose mantra. Chant it a few times a day.

For instance, “I lead People to fall in love with Nature, Create my own schedule, and Enjoy Abundance with Ease” might be one for a Vision Quest leader.

Your words, just like your thoughts, are extraordinarily powerful. They’re potent subtle energy waveforms that create your future. Because reality gets created on a subtle level before the physical, your spoken words are tools you can use to call in, activate, and manifest your Soul Purpose.

And you don’t even have to know what it will look like.

Even being super general works!

And, if you’re someone who likes to control, chanting your Soul Purpose mantra is a fabulous way to give your control munchkin something to do.

Try it. Just the sound of your mantra can make you quite high with excitement.


3. Learn to Let Go

You can’t plan Soul work. Not really. Not like you’d plan an event, or draw up a 3-year plan.

You just say yes and show up. When you do, the magic happens — your Soul pulls the pieces together in ways you can’t imagine.

If you try to control it, you block your process of surrender.

You need to stay in what I call a ‘Cupped Palm’ state — part action, part receiving.

john-wilson-1103-unsplash Fountain

Photo John Wilson

4. Stay Open to Possibility

You don’t know what your Soul Purpose path will look like. Open to your adventure, your journey, the possibility of it all.

Allow yourself to “Open” rather than “Do”. Your Soul Purpose is not a to-do list but a co-creation with your Divine Self. You can’t possibly know the outcome.

Your Soul, like a child, is incredibly playful and creative.

The best way to stay open to possibility is to sit like a child before a sheet of paper and a box of crayons.

Open to — and allow — what wants to happen.

What are your experiences as you step into your Soul Purpose?

I’d love to hear.


4 Soul-searching Questions to Ask Yourself to Heal the Root Cause of your Illness

4 Soul-searching Questions to Ask Yourself to Heal the Root Cause of your Illness

When I got Lyme Disease years ago I realized soon enough that the disease wasn’t just a disease. It was a symptom of something deeper I needed to heal.

That’s what illness always is.

A symptom.

It’s never just physical.

And it’s always about changing something Big — something you might put off and resist. You might even bury your head in the sand.

Because it’s asking you to change those gnarly things — you know, the ones you don’t want to change.

But illness forces your hand.

Treat your illness as a gift, a teacher, a koan, a riddle. And it will reveal its answers and healing. However unlikely it may seem, illness holds a unique, precious gift for you.

How to uncover the treasure of your illness?

I believe knowing I needed to heal the underlying emotional aspect of what Lyme was for me was key to my miracle healing. This helped ground and give me context in a desperate time. It also prevented me from drowning in a sea of medications, treatments, and supplements.

The emotional cause of Lyme for me was that I wasn’t in my full power as a woman. 

It sent me on a quest for it.

I used a holistic approach.

I asked myself difficult questions.

I pushed myself to know and discover and become who I wasn’t.

I believe you can heal too.

It takes a bit of soul-searching.

Here are some questions I asked myself to heal from Lyme. I hope they can help you in your own quest to heal.


What are you being called to for your soul growth? Spend some time soul-searching what may be out of alignment. Go within and listen for what new areas of growth your Soul/Higher Self is calling you to.

For me, though I’d just been licensed as a psychotherapist, my Soul was calling me to new work and change my perspectives about Everything. Especially what healing was.


Which chakra(s) is your illness pointing you towards? What, in your energy body is clogged or stagnant? Which chakra is not in its fullest expression, and how does it want to express and flow in you?

For me, my third chakra (Power and Will) needed some radical healing and transformation.


What limited beliefs have you outgrown and need transforming?

I’d outgrown the belief that I was supposed to live a small, invisible life as an Indian woman. (Me? Be powerful? Gasp! The thought made me want to run and hide under my bedcovers.)


What emotions do you need to release or transform? Grief, anger, feeling small or inadequate? Or something else?

I’d lived most of my life feeling small and powerless, and Lyme stormed into my life saying I was anything but that as a spiritual being. My main shift was that I needed to shift from feeling powerless to powerful.


A holistic approach is always best. Seek out the best medical and healing support you can access and afford.

I share my story of how I healed from Lyme disease in my eBook.

What is your illness a symptom of?

I’d love to hear.