I’ve been coaching several clients who are transitioning from work that only pays the bills to work that feeds their soul and lines their pockets.

If you’re transitioning as well, read on.

You’re likely jumping up and down with excitement if you’re stepping into your Soul Purpose.

You might also be biting your fingernails wondering how it’s all going to work out. Maybe you’re trying to micromanage your process. Or, maybe you don’t fully believe — in your Soul Purpose, yourself, and the Universe — you might be standing on the diving board, getting ready to jump.

Wherever you are, it’s perfect.

Every stage is part of your process. Because there’s so much preparation that needs to happen before you jump.

Here are four ways to navigate your remarkable process:


1. Visualize and Feel

Have and play a few pictures in your mind, on your phone, or vision board. Feel yourself lifting off from the diving board, arms outstretched, living one day of your soul’s calling.

Re-play these movies a few times a day. While you brush your teeth, commute to work, or exercise. The images and pictures are your practice sessions. Every time you visualize, you align with your subconscious and Soul. The more you align, the more you believe, and the closer you get to manifesting your dreams.

Because your thoughts, images, and intentions are lightning that create your future.

andrea-reiman-256853-unsplash poppies finalPhoto Andrea Reiman


2. Chant your Mantra

Create your Soul Purpose mantra. Chant it a few times a day.

For instance, “I lead People to fall in love with Nature, Create my own schedule, and Enjoy Abundance with Ease” might be one for a Vision Quest leader.

Your words, just like your thoughts, are extraordinarily powerful. They’re potent subtle energy waveforms that create your future. Because reality gets created on a subtle level before the physical, your spoken words are tools you can use to call in, activate, and manifest your Soul Purpose.

And you don’t even have to know what it will look like.

Even being super general works!

And, if you’re someone who likes to control, chanting your Soul Purpose mantra is a fabulous way to give your control munchkin something to do.

Try it. Just the sound of your mantra can make you quite high with excitement.


3. Learn to Let Go

You can’t plan Soul work. Not really. Not like you’d plan an event, or draw up a 3-year plan.

You just say yes and show up. When you do, the magic happens — your Soul pulls the pieces together in ways you can’t imagine.

If you try to control it, you block your process of surrender.

You need to stay in what I call a ‘Cupped Palm’ state — part action, part receiving.

john-wilson-1103-unsplash Fountain

Photo John Wilson

4. Stay Open to Possibility

You don’t know what your Soul Purpose path will look like. Open to your adventure, your journey, the possibility of it all.

Allow yourself to “Open” rather than “Do”. Your Soul Purpose is not a to-do list but a co-creation with your Divine Self. You can’t possibly know the outcome.

Your Soul, like a child, is incredibly playful and creative.

The best way to stay open to possibility is to sit like a child before a sheet of paper and a box of crayons.

Open to — and allow — what wants to happen.

What are your experiences as you step into your Soul Purpose?

I’d love to hear.