Virtual Book Talk on my memoir “Brown Skin Girl” on November 21st

Virtual Book Talk on my memoir “Brown Skin Girl” on November 21st



I’m excited to announce I’m going to be giving a Book Talk on my memoir “Brown Skin Girl” next Wednesday, November 21st!

If you’ve read (or are interested in) my memoir “Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American Woman’s Magical Journey from Broken to Beautiful, you might be interested in joining me.

My dear alma mater CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies)‘ Women’s Spirituality Department has invited me. I studied there to become a psychotherapist, then was Adjunct Faculty in the Women’s Spirituality Department for a few years, where I created and taught a graduate course “Women and Tantra”.

So it will be a great pleasure to be with dear colleagues and community again. 😊

The event is November 21st, 5-7pm PST. It is FREE and open to the public, so feel free to invite friends and family. (Zoom details in this link)

I will:

  • share some of my personal journey and how that led to writing Brown Skin Girl
  • share why I wrote the book and for whom
  • share lessons I learned along the way that might be helpful to others
  • have at least an hour to answer your questions

If you can’t make it, the video will be uploaded to YouTube.

Here’s the ZOOM LINK again.


UPDATE: You can watch the video on YouTube.

What is sensuality? (Channeled message from Mother Mary)

What is sensuality? (Channeled message from Mother Mary)

As the tide swells and intensifies in this time of upheaval, it becomes more and more urgent to tend to the Feminine.

After centuries of patriarchy, we women are in process of gathering lost fragments of our bodies, hearts, and souls and knitting ourselves back together.

The Feminine… as women are in dire need of:

  • healing
  • empowerment
  • and awakening.

Because of patriarchy, so much of who you are as a woman has been cut out and dismembered. Your voice. Your body. Your power. Your sacredness.

And your womb — the living well of your femininity, fertility, and creativity.

When a woman’s womb isn’t healed, she can have physical and emotional health issues. She may not be able to access pleasure and desire. She may not be able to create — and this is not only children. She may not truly know and embody who she is as a woman.

Women’s wombs have the same energies of fertility as Mother Earth. Your womb is a portal to Shakti—the creative Force of the Universe. Ironically (or not so ironically), the most hallowed place in our bodies is the most violated.

Women have huge amounts of wounding, shame, fear, guilt, and taboo on a cellular level in their wombs, and about their sensuality and sexuality. Whether or not they’ve experienced sexual trauma. In ancient times of the Goddess, it was commonly known that our wombs and vaginas were honored places of great pleasure, ecstasy, mystery, and connection to the Divine. Yes, sexuality and sacredness was integrated then. We need to rediscover and embody this ancient wisdom for ourselves.

I will be offering a 4-month “Womb and Sexual Healing” Program next month.

In preparation, I asked Mother Mary: What is sensuality?

Here’s what she said.

What is sensuality?

Sensuality is the deliciousness of your body. The most important language your body knows is sensuality. You are animal. You have an animal body and you must get in touch with that to love yourself.

There are so many who are religious or spiritual but hate their bodies. This separation causes disease, causes emotional sickness. You see animals don’t get depressed unless we expose them to human conditions like caging. When you are wild in your body, sensual in your body, your energy moves and you can process the stresses of life quicker. Your sensuality is as divine as a flower, as supple as the movement of a cat, as natural as flowing water. Why would you deny it? Why would you deny a flower? A wild animal? A stream? Their simple naturalness and beauty.

When you are sensual, you are in touch with your life force, with shakti, and you are not in your mind but in the sacredness of your being, of your body. So many people think they must separate body from Spirit, that Spirit is sacred and body is to be denied or is unholy. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Your body is the temple of your Soul. If your body is not made temple, your Soul will not enter. Your temple must be beautiful, clean, fresh, alive, with the elements, and must enjoy itself, and love itself, and have every pleasure and physical beauty. Just as any space you go to, whether it’s your home, a spa, a store, any place that is beautifully decorated makes you feel different. And that is how you need to be with it.

Decorate it. Decorating from the inside for no other reason than to enjoy. And yes, this too, for there are so many different kinds of sensuality. This is essential for a woman and for any person. The sickness is to go into your mind and leave your body. The sickness is to betray your body, the pleasure of sensuality, and beautiful grace and movement. The betrayal is to not enjoy yourself.

You get there in many ways. Through your breath, the sensuality of your breath. Through movement. Through bringing your attention into your body, especially the places you hate, deny, that have been shut down. When you bring pleasure into your body you’re alive. You have the ease and grace of an animal, the magnetism of power. Your sensuality is the Divine Feminine.

Know me in this way, and you will know God and the Goddess. Claim your body. Claim your beauty. Claim your sensual desires and pleasures. They are holy. No less holy than the God in a church, an idol in a temple, a slab in the mosque, or whatever you pray to.

So put your sensuality up on the altar. Until you know me in this way you are not yet fully whole.


“Brown Skin Girl” has launched on Amazon! 💃🔥🌟

“Brown Skin Girl” has launched on Amazon! 💃🔥🌟


She’s here! She’s here! She’s here!

I’m SO excited to let you know my memoir Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American Woman’s Magical Journey From Broken to Beautiful has launched!

Check her out on Amazon

And on my website.

It’s been a long, wild, and extraordinary ride to get Brown Skin Girl ready for the world. I’m so delighted she’s birthed! And grateful to so many people who midwifed her and me to make it happen. 😃

My intention for Brown Skin Girl is that she be Story Medicine for women so they feel inspired to choose themselves, speak their truth, heal, rise, and shine their Light.

If you enjoy Brown Skin Girl and think your friends, family, book clubs, and communities would be inspired by reading, please spread the word.

Thank you!

Here’s that link on Amazon, again.

I do hope you enjoy her! Happy reading!



She Is Me Empowerment Self-Care and Wellness Retreat for Women of Color

She Is Me Empowerment Self-Care and Wellness Retreat for Women of Color



Ladies, if you’re ready to rejuvenate and would love some “me time”, we welcome you to join us at the Miramonte Resort and Spa for a weekend retreat of self-care, wellness, and stress relief!

We have a great lineup of speakers, with planned activities, an awards Banquet and Dinner, plus a beautiful Spa and Pools at the unique desert oasis of Miramonte Resort. If you want to play in Palm Springs, there are many additional fun activities, which you are free to explore as you like.

Our exciting retreat includes:

  • Welcome Swag Bag
  • One Spa Card ($25) per attendee to be used on any 50 Minute or longer Spa Treatment
  • Friday afternoon Activities; Meet & Greet, Networking, Evening Dinner
  • Saturday morning Breakfast with Guest Speaker; Lunch
  • Saturday morning and afternoon Breakout Sessions, Roundtables, Sister Circles, Speakers
  • Saturday night Awards Banquet with Plated Dinner and Keynote Speaker
  • Sunday morning Breakfast and Closing Activity

Buy Your Ticket for She Is Me Empowerment Self-Care and Wellness Retreat

I said “Yes” today

I said “Yes” today

I said Yes today.

It’s  been building for some time, now.

Like… for years.

I’ve played with my “yes”. Done a few things here and there. Tested it out, like a cat teases a mouse.

I was unsure. Disbelieving. Skeptical. And seriously, seriously doubtful.

And then there’s that always that ever-present friend I’ve travelled with my whole life… worth.

Am I worthy? Good enough? ME???

But today… today felt different.

Today, I could feel the energy pulling at me. I could feel Mother Mary stretch her arm out to me after my meditation, that if I would only take it she would guide me through the door.

Her offer wasn’t conditional. Or time bound. It never is.

I could quite literally see and feel a door ajar to my right, waiting. A shimmering portal to possibility.

It’s been open for a while. And yes, Mary’s told me about it for a long, long while. But I just busied myself with the rest of my life, looking at it from the corner of my eye now and then, saying I’d get to it.

Some. Day. Hah! (We know all that excuse, don’t we?)

But today the pull of the energy current was strong enough for me to sit my seat back on my couch for Meditation Session #2.

Now that’s uncommon.

Then there they were. 3 declarations flowed from my heart, body, and soul.

And a shower of energy poured down on me—liquid light that I know to be Truth. Holy Truth, Holy Fire, which I know as Mother Mary.

(Even as I write these words, I’m thinking… will you understand? Ah, the dregs of old conditioning. But no more. It doesn’t matter if you understand or not. I must write for me, and for the one person who might need to hear.)

Then she asked me to say them out loud.

I did.

“I am the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess”

“I am here to lead women to become the Goddesses that they are.”

“I am a spiritual teacher.”

With each sentence my spine felt electrified, jolted with ice-cold fire energy all the way down to my root chakra.




That’s how I know it’s true.

It didn’t even take that long. But there it was. Just like that.

My Yes. Choosing my Destiny. Claiming my Destiny.

Words spoken out into air. Electrified spine. Hair standing on end. And I stepped through the door of my destiny out of the fog of doubt, disbelief, and little self-worth.

And for the first time, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Not even you…

(I guess it’s no coincidence it’s Lion’s Gate and Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse today!!)

And you?

Is this how you say yes? Wait and wait, then when you’re finally ready, effortlessly step through the door?


Why You Shouldn’t Be Humble About Your Gifts

Why You Shouldn’t Be Humble About Your Gifts

Cindy was humble. To a fault.

When someone complimented her, she’d say, “Oh it’s nothing.”

When someone appreciated her, she’d say, “You’d do the same.”

When opportunities rose right in front of her nose, her mind swirled with “I’m not good enough” and the opportunity would pass to someone else. But she always wondered, “What would have happened if I had reached out and taken it?”

She was afraid to speak about her gifts, especially the ones that made her look different.

She was afraid to stick out in the crowd. She’d felt different her whole life.

Cindy was a psychic.

Hmm… humility.

It’s a good thing in certain areas of your life. Sure you don’t want to brag or be arrogant.

But it’s not so good in others especially if you’re an intuitive, creative, empath, or spiritual. You know, the areas which aren’t so mainstream.

Its important — essential — for women to be proud. And yes, even loud about your gifts. Otherwise who will know about them? Who will receive your unique specialness?

So only a handful of close friends and family knew about Cindy’s psychic abilities even though, inside, she felt how profound, powerful, and beautiful they were.

I can relate to Cindy. I grew up in India where, as a woman, I was conditioned not to take the limelight, take up space, or glow with pride about my accomplishments.

Turns out it’s not just Indian women. I see women from all countries struggle with the same issue. They don’t talk about their gifts.

What about you? Are you too humble?

What you lose out on when you’re too humble.

♥ Yourself.

♥ You don’t get to be seen, heard, and known for who you are.
(Do you long for that?)

♥ You don’t get to take up space .

♥ You don’t get to feel the wonderful satisfaction of offering and sharing who you are and what’s coming through you to others.

♥ You don’t get to be all of you. Out loud. Out proud.

And you know what?
We lose you.
The world loses out when you’re too humble.

♥ And… in my work with people I’ve seen so many heal from depression, anxiety, cancer, and other mental and physical health issues when they begin to express and step into their gifts. Your Soul Purpose is essential for your whole health.

So what do you say? Take a chance.

Acknowledge, own, and claim how kind, generous, compassionate, creative, talented, and _______ you are.

In fact, get a piece of paper and write 10 wonderful things about you and 10 of your gifts.

Then, tell someone. 

You could even try this as a fun thing to do with a friend.