The world is the body of God and Goddess

The world is the body of God and Goddess


This is a channeled message I received from Mother Mary while I was in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina last December. It has powerful truths and opportunities for reflection for us all at this time.


The world is the body of God and Goddess.

With each breath you breathe her in, breathe him in.

With every drink you partake of their holy sacredness.

Their fierce fire kindles your fireplace, your stoves, cooks your food as you are cooked by God and Goddess.

To be in life is to be cooked. You cannot sit on a ledge but give yourself over to the Holy Fire to bake, to become an alchemy, to transform, to release your fragrant aromas so that you may feed and nourish others.

The Earth is the body of you.

Desecrate her and you desecrate yourself. Love her and you love yourself. Honor her and you honor yourself.

For nothing is separate. Everything is connected. Everything is one.

The mind divides, the heart unites. Bring everything together in your heart. Bring everyone you know together in your heart. Love them before you even meet them.

Be the vessel of my Holy Love.

To not love is to deny yourself peace. To hate is to reject yourself. To judge is to not pardon yourself.

Make room for all in your heart. That is your truth.

To judge is to not allow them to grow and change. When you forgive, you hold the potential of their Higher Self.