Racism and how you can heal it (channeled wisdom from the Divine Feminine)

Racism and how you can heal it (channeled wisdom from the Divine Feminine)


I am deeply troubled by the current racist violence and inhumanity. The heat of my own internalized racism and racism has been rising up, like fire on my skin. I know as a woman of color and an immigrant that my self-worth is very connected to this issue.

So I went into prayer and meditation this morning, and asked Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for guidance. This is what came through which I want to share with you.


Dearest Mary,

Please help me heal my judgement towards myself of my color and my race, and my judgment of others’ color and their race. It is so deep in my cells. Please help me release this. Please help me raise my head high and to speak my truth of what I know, with love.

Please help me release my negative feelings and beliefs towards white people, and all that they have done over the centuries. I’ve probably been white, too, in past lifetimes.

If you have any words of wisdom or guidance or healing, I would love to receive.


Dear One,

I am with you.

This is a pain and a thinking that you hold that you and the world holds not only in their minds but in their cells and in their very bones. This system of racism, of believing one is more valuable than another is abhorrent. This points to a great need of growth for humankind.

Mother Earth is angry.

People are angry, and rightly so, for this must be corrected to move forward, to evolve. It is essential for each person to clear in their eyes, in their minds, in their hearts, in their bodies, and their Souls this hatred and fear of a different race.

This separation, these judgments, these beliefs of who is better than are sins. This is grievous, grievous, erroneous thinking.

It sets you up to be enemies. It sets you up to war against each other.

Most of all, it sets you up to prevent from loving yourself.

And from receiving love from others.

With this kind of hate you will forever be impoverished in some form or fashion. And this impoverishment, and this disease of racism will find its way to you as long as you keep this hate, hold on to this hate and otherness.

It will come to you as disease. It will come to you as pestilence. It will come to you as it has in the current virus. It will come to you as a lack of love, as broken families, as a broken life, as a poverty of comfort.

What humankind does not know, or most of humankind does not know, is that what you do and how you think about another boomerangs to yourself.

Right now there is a somewhat legal system although that is greatly, shall we say, faulty. But the true legality exists on an energetic and a spiritual level. That what indeed you think about, say about, feel about, and do to another from hatred, from judgment, with anger, and violence will, without a doubt, return back to you personally. To your life. You and you alone are responsible. It is not whether you are caught in the act. It does not matter if nobody sees the act or the thought or the feeling. That is not what is accounted for here. There is a higher law. The Law of Karma — of cause and effect. What you do, think about, say about, and feel about another will boomerang back to you.

Most of humankind does not know this, does not live by this. It is an area of growth direly necessary. You are all in the throes of this. There will be suffering. There will be upheaval. There will be pain. There will be death. But you are in the churn of it all.

You can choose to be in the churn of it. But the fastest way out from this churn is to look inside yourself.

Look inside your mind for your own judgments.

1. First, about yourself.

How do you see yourself in comparison with people who look different from you? How do you feel about yourself? How do you hold the color of your skin? What is the value or the devalue that you give it?

How you hold this is a stance. And like any stance, it has a vibration that can be changed, as you know, in an instant. So, do that.

Change your stance.

Choose to change your stance. Where there is separation, where there is self-violation, where there is self-disregard, self-dismissal, putting yourself down, thinking yourself inferior, go into your heart and bring — find the love. Color in those places with all your favorite colors. Adorn yourself. Bedeck yourself there. Create practices to make yourself feel beautiful, worthy, powerful, gifted, and Divine.

This is the inward step toward yourself.

2. The second is towards others.

How do you see others? Be very, very watchful here. Because it is easy to rationalize. How do you regard people who look different from you? How do you feel towards them? What arises in your body? How do you treat them? How have you treated them before?

This is an uncomfortable practice because we all want to think of ourselves as not having such feelings but it is essential, because if you don’t, this is what will return back to you in some shape, form, or manner.

So note your thoughts and feelings and sensations, and now, bring love there. And notice what comes up as you bring love. Whether you fight it. Whether you resist it. Whether you don’t want it. Whether you push it away. Or you think it shouldn’t be so. Where it confronts your idea of what reality should be like. And, especially what you have gained by these ways of thinking. What have you gained? In what ways have you felt better about yourself? Or felt superior? Pumped up your ego?

Much of this has been inherited from those who have gone before you. You do not have to follow blindly any more. You can turn the tide. You can change the tide of this ocean. And say no, that you choose something different here.

And then, choose it.

Bring love. Bring the flowers, the colors, and the animals. Bring all the music.

Go back in time to think of all the ways, experiences, where you have regarded others in this way. Whether or not you were taught to. When you were taught to and were blindly in the throes of that.

And when you knew what you were doing.

It is uncomfortable but stay there. Don’t let yourself off the hook.

So bring love. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Friendship.

3. And the third step is towards Mother Earth.

And with that, do the same thing. In what ways have you used her? Trampled her? Taken more from her than you needed? Thought of her as a thing?

And the same applies to God. To the Divine.

All of this is an exercise for you to know love. For you to love yourself. And to love others. Loving does not mean giving yourself away, or not setting boundaries, or saying no, or standing up for yourself. That is all truth and is necessary when it’s needed. But it is time to change these old, old fears, judgments, beliefs between races.

So begin.

We are with you as you do this work.

Blessings to all.