Every day is a pilgrimage.

And vacations are exciting ways to unplug, discover, and explore worlds away from home.

But to pack your bag, strap on your sandals, and step out your door on a spiritual pilgrimage is a unique journey.

It’s one of the things I love to do. So much, that as guide, I take people on healing journeys to Abadiania, Brazil, where the extraordinary Entities of Light and Love work through the medium, John of God.

Here are ten things I love about spiritual journeys:

1. You make time for what’s most important — you

You make time and space for yourself, your inner life.

2. You leave your life as you know it

You leave behind your daily routines, work, and world. This opens up the space for you to explore new possibilities and discover new ways of being.

3. You set out to discover something essential

Your quest holds something important and meaningful for you, even if you aren’t entirely sure what it is.

You may even set intentions. When you do, you create a focus for what you want from your journey and engage with possibility and change. You say yes to transformation. You may be intrigued by how your intentions manifest or morph into something different en route.

4. You open to new perspectives

You take the time to reflect on your life with a panoramic lens. Among other things, you contemplate:

  •     Who you are
  •     Your relationships, work, and community
  •     Your health in all ways
  •     Where you are on your path of life, and where you want to go from here
  •     Who you want to become
  •     What you want in your life

5. You come home to yourself

It’s a time to shed the doing of your life and just be. It’s a time to come home to who you are.

6. You sift and shift

It’s a time to sift the wheat from the chaff:

  • What’s outlived its usefulness?
  • What are you ready to release?

And a time to shift:

  • What’s waiting to be born and emerge?
  • What are you ready to step into?

  Outside and away from your usual routine, you more easily envision your potential. And the possibility of who you can be and what can be.

7. Your presence deepens

    In new situations, it’s easier to live in the moment. You’re more present; you’re more playful.

    You try things you may not have done before. You may do things differently. You experiment with different ways of being, different roles with yourself and others. You have space in which to imagine, dream, and invite your future.

  Like a bud blooms open petal by petal, so moment by moment, day by day, your presence deepens and unfolds its fullness.

8. Synchronicities

Often, what happens a few weeks before you leave indicate some of what your journey may be about. Like tea leaves in a tea cup, the people, events, and patterns that enter, change, or leave your life, tell you of the winds of transformation swirling around you. How you respond is your connection and flow with the magic of the Universe.

9. It’s a time to dive deep

Ah… diving. There’s no worthwhile journey without entering the dark. There’s nothing quite as wonderful, fearful, and refreshing as diving deep into yourself. What will you see and feel? The fearful, the uncomfortable, the ugly, the heartbroken — what will bubble up to be lifted and cleared?

10. You drop into your heart and soul

It’s a time to enter the cave and castle of who you are on your deepest levels. To revisit why you’re here on the planet. To open to love. To open to awe. To open to the magnificence and magic of life, and who you are.
What other gifts do you receive from spiritual journeys? I’d love for you to share them here.