What are you beginning in 2016?

What are you going to create? Manifest? Step into?

What or who are you releasing and letting go?

Who and what will you call into your life this year?

Who are you becoming?

New years are fresh dew drops. Quivering with possibility. Shimmering with potential. With the sun in their heart-bellies.

What’s quivering with possibility for you? What shimmering potential wants to be born, wants to grow? What light shines in your heart-belly?

To create with mastery:

  • You align with your Self and your divine purpose.
  • Your visions and dreams incubate before they form, birth, and launch into matter
  • You first feel your creations in your subtle levels of feelings, images, and that quiet, wordless felt sense.
  • Perhaps you even know how you create on other dimensions before you create in 3D.

To support you in your new beginnings and creations in 2016, I’ve created a sound healing imbued with the intention, energy, and creative codes of new beginnings for you. Sound healing works on all levels dimensions of your being, even those you’re not conscious of. This sound healing is inspired by Lalitha, an Indian morning rāga played just before daybreak, and represents new beginnings.

As part of my new beginnings this year, I’m going to offer monthly sound healings on different themes to support your healing and spiritual evolution.

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How to best listen and use this sound healing to support you:

  • Gather your intentions, dreams and desires for this year. Write them down, draw them, whatever works for you.
  • Decide to gift yourself this ten-minute support. Get comfortable. Lie down if you can. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.
  • Listen to the sound healing, ideally on headphones or a good speaker.
  • Receive. Open your body. Let go of your mind as much as you can. Allow the music to work in you.
  • Notice what comes up, how you feel, where the sounds take you.
  • After, if you feel like it, write, draw, or move to your experience.

I’d love to hear what you’re creating this year. And how this sound healing was for you.

And do share this. In fact, scatter it like wild flower seeds.


About the rāga

Lalitha, a morning rāga, is played just before daybreak, and represents new beginnings.

Lalitha, charming, in her innocence, is bright like gold. While she holds a lute, a cuckoo perches on her lotus hand. She is seated beneath the Wishing-tree, her breasts all unadorned, a thousand times desirable.

—  Chatvarimshach’hata rāga nirupanam

What are my new beginnings for 2016?

I’m excited to begin my sound healing work. My guides and the Entities of the Casa de Dom Inácio have, for years, told me that my divine purpose is to play the piano. That it’s healing music. I’ve felt it — for it’s reduced me to tears on my piano bench because I felt its beauty and power and sacredness — I felt so beautiful, powerful, and sacred. But I was skeptical and afraid to allow what’s most sacred and beautiful in me, the Divine Feminine in me to come out into the world. Skeptical and afraid to be seen, heard, and known in my Divine Feminine energy. Why are we most afraid of letting our light shine? Well, this year, I’m beginning. I’m letting Her out.

Part of my new work is to create and offer you monthly sound healings to support you. So I’d really love to hear about your experience with them!

With love and excitement for your new beginnings.