message from Jesus


I am at the Casa de Dom Inacio (House of St. Ignatius) in Brazil for the holidays.

At a time in my life where almost everything is falling apart and away to be born anew, it’s (almost) no surprise that it’s happening here in my spiritual home as well.

One morning this question sprang from the bottom of my heart, “Is there a man on this planet who truly respects women?”

Today, on Christmas Day, the answer came. I went to the chapel where I sit to receive Mother Mary’s messages. I felt an energy come through and put pen to paper to receive. But it wasn’t Mary. Instead, it was a message from Jesus whom I’ve never channeled before.

I’m sharing it with you because it feels so important and sheds so much light not only for what is happening here at the Casa de Dom Inacio but all over the world.

It is a message for us all — male, female, or any gender.



“I was born today so I can teach others the Way to themselves. I was guided by the Lord, our Lord God, and by my own Inner light.

Everyone can do this. Everyone can do all I have done, and more. All miracles are possible—truly possible.

Your life is a miracle — it is all a question of how you choose to see everything. When you free yourself from all dogma, others’ truths, prejudices, and babble, you enter the truth — the Miracle of every moment anew.

Do not crystallize into a rigid permanence. But be ever open to flow like a drop of water that changes shape. Choose to see, ask, and receive miracles and they will happen and come to you.

Miracles are your birthright. You are just born into, conditioned with, and fed a reality that does not see or acknowledge them. Always reach for the impossible, for your visions, imaginations, and dreams.

Follow all the seemingly foolish and outrageous longings of your Divine Heart.

Love randomly without cause, expectation, or need for reciprocity.

Give in abundant ways and you will receive treasures in return. My kingdom is both material and non-material wealth. It is all wealth.

Ask from me whatever you wish. All your prayers are heard and granted.

Nothing and no one is more sacred than you. Even though I am called holy, you are no less so.

Come to know your Self as such.

Bless your Self as such.

It is only you who deny your Self thine own sacredness and divinity.

This – being Sacred — does not mean denying yourself life and its abundant pleasures. Sacredness is not turning away from life, frolic, pleasure, sexuality, and comfort, but embracing it all as the Divine Gifts you get to receive for being alive. There is no end to the bounty of the Divine. It is a never-ending waterfall of riches of every color of the rainbow.

Whether or not you participate in exchanging physical gifts, give yourselves non-physical ones of joy, peace, contentment, health, love, and pleasure. Give each other gifts of your heart, your body, your mind, your Soul today. Give freely, fully, and abundantly.

Mine Hand flows through each of your giving. As does your own Sacred Hand.

We are one, you and I. Know this above everything else. We are not different or separate or unequal.

Just as you bow to me, so I bow to Thee.

To Thine own Self be true.

This is the journey of this age — beyond others’ truths, no matter how ancient, established, and revered, to the liquid, living flame of Truth that burns brightly in Thine own Sacred Heart.

There we are One.

Your truth is Medicine, Magic, and Miracle all rolled into one.

Discover it.

Know it.

And then, Live it.

The world needs your Flame just as it has needed mine.

This is why all my temples and ones who wear the cloth in my name are falling. This is the age where there is to be no external authority —  where you don’t follow any external person, laws, establishment, structure, or even sacred text, but tune into the revelations that spring from the Sacred Well within you.

I am with you all on this Holy Day. It is the day of my birth. And it is the day of your holy birth of your Inner Child, your Sacred Child, and the day your Holy Flame entered this world. I wish, more than anything, to see your Sacred Light shine Bright, Radiant, and True.

Blessings, dear one.”

<end Channeled Message > 


I waited for a while after receiving this and as always, my mind questions, “Really?”

Then I heard, ”It is I. It is I. It is I. Let no doubt be there. I come in the form and way so as not to scare or overwhelm you, but be not mistaken that it is I. Jesus.”

Wishing you all Feliz Natal and every joy, love, and peace these holidays and into the New Year.