The frenzy of this week after Trump was elected President (it’s hard for me to even type the words) has been like a football game run amuck.

I’m not an American football fan. Never understood it (must be my Indian background). But more than the game, it’s the energy of the crowds that’s a turn-off.

It’s the energy of hate. Of competition. Of winning. The thrill of beating the opposing team. My feminine body and musician sensibility cringe and fold up like a mimosa pudica (a plant that folds its leaves when touched) at the excitement and glee when blood is drawn (metaphorically and literally).

That’s what America’s elections are like. Drawing blood. And the glee of being better than the other.

A game is one matter. The governance of our country is quite another.

The Democrats align with who I am and my beliefs. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts there.

But Republican supporters are just as adamant about their party.

While I’m beyond disappointed about the results, I also get that more than half the country has been incredibly disappointed about the past 8 years and will be again when the Democrats come into power.


So are we going to travel through centuries toggling between parties?

Division doesn’t help us. As a country, and a planet, we’re not going to survive if we’re divided.

INTERCONNECTEDNESS is the way forward. Divisions will destroy us.


America needs to shift from winning to cooperating. Out of partisanship towards collaboration.


How A Therapist Would Work With A Toxic Relationship Between A Democrat And A Republican

We don’t need our parties to be a long-married couple with a sour, bitter, begrudging relationship. As a therapist I’ve seen couples where one person is entrenched in the fact that s/he’s absolutely right and won’t tolerate another way. As is the other person.

The problem is they’re self- and relationship- destructive. No one wins. Not in the long run.

When a marriage has gone on for so long and is so embittered, with neither giving an inch, the couple (hopefully) chooses therapy to find a new way.

Therapy helps them listen to each other, hear each other’s perspectives and values.

Therapy helps them understand that Both Are Right.

Therapy helps them see Both People’s Truths Are Valid To Each Of Them.

A toxic couple has 3 choices. They can:

  1. Remain toxic and keep destroying each other
  2. Break up
  3. Create something new

Let’s say they choose the third. The only way NOT To Keep Throwing Verbal And Emotional (or Physical) Daggers At To Destroy Each Other is to create a NEW Healthy, Sustainable, Thriving Relationship out of toxicity.

I believe this is what the American voting system needs to do.

Yes, it’s a tall order.

But it’s a healthier way forward than battling through decades of which side is more right.


Create A Third New Relationship Out Of A Toxic, Embittered Marriage (& a message from Spirit)

We need to:

  1. Step back and look beyond our current paradigm to realize our voting system isn’t working.

  2. Life and our surival as a species is not about being right. We’re not going to survive this way. We need to work together to create a new reality.

  3. Create a new system that considers everyone.


Here’s a brilliant solution that comes from Spirit. This is from the latest post from Kryon, a loving angelic entity channeled by Lee Carroll.

Our country is slightly over 200 years old, and as great and revolutionary as our system was then, it needs to be adjusted as we go or it will eventually get stale and more and more dysfunctional. KRYON as even given us an indication of a new kind of democracy, where the old concept of  “winner takes all” in an election is replaced completely. Right now, one side fights the other. One wins, and the battle continues for 4 years until the next election. Then they fight some more. Old energy? Yes.

What about a system where the president of a country is not a member of either party, and is elected for the ability of being able to council, compromise, and bring things together – a peacemaker who understands both sides? Too high minded? KRYON has indicated that it might be on Earth sooner than we expect, and perhaps will show itself in other areas before it gets to the USA. This would be a more mature democracy, and a wiser one.

Americans are inventors. I’ve loved that about this country I’ve chosen as home, which has given me the possibility to reinvent myself as a woman. Well then, let’s do what we do best — reinvent ourselves.

Let’s create a new America that considers EVERYONE, not just toggles between parties every 4 or 8 years.

Does the possibility of A New Way give you Hope? Then share it, bring it into your conversations. What you think and say has tremendous power.

I’m not sure how we’ll do it but if people can envision a new possibility, there WILL be a way.

What do you think?

With love,