Your intention is one of your most powerful forces.

How can you best use and wield it?

Your intention has energy. When you consciously make one you, quite literally, imprint its energy into your field and world.

Your intention has the power and capacity to co-create what you want. Deeply want, that is.


What’s the difference between intention, wishful thinking, and want?

Wishful thinking is simply wishing. “It would be nice to have ____”. When you wish for something, you don’t really believe you can have it. There’s often doubt mixed in with your wish. So it remains a wish without your engagement to actualize it.

Your want is stronger than wishful thinking. Your desire’s more engaged. You put forth energy towards what you want. Wants and needs are often at your physical, emotional, and egoic levels.

Your intention comes from a deep, whole place within you. Your intention includes and is larger than your physical and egoic well-being— it also involves your heart and soul. And is often connected with your life purpose.

When you have an intention, all of you embarks on a journey to attain it.

It’s more than a goal, as is a want. With an intention, you begin a process of personal growth and unfoldment.


How does the power of your intention work?

1. You show up

When you have an intention, you show up to yourself. For yourself. You say to all of yourself: “I want That. It’s essential to me.” Your identity and maybe your life purpose are connected to What You Want.

When you create an intention for yourself, you tell yourself you’re ready to have What You Want or be Who You Are. You send a message to your subconscious. You send a message to all of you. Even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there, the truth of What You Want vibrates in your body.

You’re ready.

2. You message the Universe

Whether you call it the Universe, Energy, the Divine, Source, Goddess, or God, It’s a staggeringly powerful, alive, and intelligent energetic field of potential, possibility, and love. It’s vibrant, wise, incredibly sensitive, and waiting.

For you.

It’s been waiting for your call. And when it hears your message, it responds. It has to. Because like attracts like.

It creates and brings waves and waves of opportunities, circumstances, and people to you who will help manifest your intention.

3. You focus your energy

When you hold and sustain an intention, it gains momentum, focus, and clarity in you. It narrows from a broad, general field to a sharp specific, laser-like focus.

You might find the more you hold it, the more it defines how you think and feel about yourself.

You fuel it with your interest, focus, and what it means to you.

And when you surrender to your intention, you may find that it carries you in its own current of becoming.

4. You create a vibration

As a vibrational being, your thoughts, wants, and intentions are vibrations. Just like when you shout “Love!” in a valley and hear the resounding echoes of “love!, love!, love!…” back to you, so when you set an intention, the Universe has to respond with a similar vibration to help you manifest it.

When you have an intention, you set in motion a host of movements and forces that combine and interact to manifest What You Want and Who You Are.

This is the “co-” in co-creating. The wonderful part of this is that you don’t have to know or manage or control how the Universe will do this. You might do your very best to figure it out. You might try very hard to plot it all out. But it’ll be clear very soon that it’s not your job. At all. In fact, if you do so, it only slows you down.

So it’s better to stay on your side of the fence, focus your intention, and do your own work.

5. You transform

Often and likely, there are Things in the way of What You Want and Who You Want to Become. Like, who you are now. Or limiting beliefs, fears, wounding, or your ego, which create a vibrational difference between Here and There.

Your journey is in bridging the gap.

Your journey is getting There from Here. For which you may have to clear or release old beliefs, patterns, or judgements. And step into new ways of being.

Which means letting go of who you are today.

And you will. Because when you set an intention, you decide to transform. That’s the power of it.

6. You do something

Do one small (or big) thing to move towards your intention. There’s power in your stepping forward to meet and manifest your destiny.

Every action you take sharpens and focuses your intention even more. Every action you take brings you closer. Every action is a becoming, an unfolding from Here towards There, from Now towards Then, and from Who You Are now to Who You Will Be.

Your action keeps the telephone line open between you and the Universe.

When you act, you say, “I trust in myself. I trust in the Universe. I trust this will come to pass.”

Happy journey!