For the fall equinox: A poem from my Creative Self to yours

For the fall equinox: A poem from my Creative Self to yours

Fall leaves

As we shift from the bright bounty and long summer days towards ruby red and golden leaves and shorter days, our bodies and psyches also make internal shifts. We turn and tune within, into our inner spaces. We shift from doing to quiet listening and allowing in the silence and darkness. It is a time of hibernation. A time to listen to your creative visions speaking to you.

As a recovering creative, connecting with my Creative Self is my sacred practice. Recently, to my surprise, poems have started flowing. This poem is from my Creative Self (and, I think some Spirits) that wanted to be shared with you and your Creative Self.

May this fall enliven you with the beauty, joy, magic, and truth of your Creative Self.

There are things to be done

There are things to be done that no one knows
There are places to go when the wind blows
There are dances to danced and songs to be sung
There are lovers to make love to when your day is done.

Life is but a passing breeze
Full of light, of joy, of serendipitous ease
Toil and struggle are not the way
But feminine delight, pleasure, and play.

So pick up your skirts and uncap your pens
So much to share and give and tend.
The world is struggling, heartless and torn
A new world is waiting within you to be born.

Listen no more to yester’s ways
But create bold new paths and old demons slay
Their time has come to an end and so
Drown their voices, their harshness, their power no more will glow.

Rouse your voices, your hearts and your hands
Much is to be done, our world to tend
Love each other as much as you can
Join with sisters and brothers to build a new land.

A New Earth is waiting and ready to be born
But first she must birth within you each morn
Tarry not, but hasten, do not delay
To shed the old and with the new begin your play.

The tides are changing, the energies are new
Everything is possible and waiting for you
Build the New Earth from love, touch, and kindness,
Each of you has so much to share of your delight and talents.

Come, come, dreamers, healers, and all
Wake up, the time has come — hear the clarion call
Rouse from your slumber, your comfortable ways
Out with the old, the New Earth has come to stay.

Each and everyone are a part of this
Bring your hearts, minds, and hands to create a world of Bliss
Where all are equal, beloved, and true
Gifting each other with delight — let love be the glue.

I love thee, I love thee, I love thee true,
I am thy Creative Self, listen to me anew
I have waited long for you to hear
These words that must be written and spoken for all to hear.

They are not only mine but of those above
Who watch over you all with protection and love.
The Spirit world is nigh and and at hand
Lending you all courage, strength, guidance, and the plan

To uplift humanity to a life of Truth,
Of Beauty and Magnificence and Delight, to soothe
The harshness, the violence, the corruption, the toil
No more must children be sad or spoiled

By the hands of the wicked, the weak, or the grey
Ones who twist you all in unspeakable ways.
The New Earth is of Light and Beauty and Joy
Come now, lift your hearts and with me rejoice

Play a little, sing a lot, gather in twos and threes
To join your hearts, your intentions, so you may bring about these.
I love thee, I love thee, I love thee true,
You are angels on Earth come to bring succor and soothe

Trees bereft of water, in raging fires, the holocaust of the lands
Quench these all with the waters of thy hands.
Beloveds, you are precious, you are strong, you are true
So much is possible, we are waiting for you

To lift the hoe, the harp, and the pen
To bring change, healing, and kindness to all and then
You can rest fulfilled in your homes and hearts
That you have, indeed, done your part

I love thee, we love thee, get going now and soon
We are with you, now and forever more with our Love and our Truths.

What is your Truth calling you to?

What is your Truth calling you to?

Woman Meditating

Here’s part of a channeled message from Mother Mary on Truth. Take your time in reading it to receive her words and transmissions.

“Dear One,

There are great things in all of you that must be spoken. Each of you has something special for yourself and for our world. Your Truth is sacred. Your deepest truths are your expression of your Divine Feminine self, the Goddess. And She, in each of you is unique, different, rare, and magnificent. In your journey as a human woman, it is for you to discover and express the truths of your deepest self — not the truths you have been told, whether it is from family, parents, culture, religion, tradition, or the mainstream.

Your Truth is like the pearl that lives within the oyster in the great wash of the ocean. To find your truth you must dive, as a diver does, deep into your depths, pick up your oyster shell, open it, and find your pearl. Right now, you might think your truth is the ocean because that’s what’s everywhere. Do not look for your truth in the marketplace or outside of you. Those are false truths. And some of them are even lies.”

What is your truth?

Centuries of trauma and patriarchy have caused women to stay silent, small, and unheard. We self-sabotage, feel afraid of what other people might think, tone ourselves down, hesitate, and doubt ourselves. It’s all too easy to go along with the mainstream and other people’s ideas and ways.

But your Truth is yours and yours alone. It is your power, your dignity, your beauty, and your freedom.

Your truth is a flame that lights your way. Your truth is a sword that cuts through the maze of falsities. Your truth is your path to your desires and dreams.

Your Truth is your journey to yourself. To become all that you are as a woman. Like a never-ending spiral, as you arrive at one truth, your path opens to another.

Your Truth is coming home to yourself. To remember who you are as a Divine Being.

To be in your Truth is to:

  • Be in authentic relationship with yourself
  • Say that thing you’ve been afraid or hesitate to say
  • Do that thing you haven’t done but want to do
  • Find your courage and conviction to live your truth
  • Express your precious, unique gifts and all that you are, no matter what

What is your Truth calling you to?




An invitation to my talk at New Living Expo on “The Goddess Matrix” (Dec 5, 2020)

An invitation to my talk at New Living Expo on “The Goddess Matrix” (Dec 5, 2020)

I’m going to be speaking (virtual) at the New Living Expo on December 5. I’ll be speaking on “The Goddess Matrix: How the Divine Feminine Can Heal and Lead You to Love and Miracles.”

  • You’ll hear my story, learn practices, and hear Channeled Messages from the Divine Feminine.
  • Virtual Booth: Stop by and say hello, chat ask questions, and learn more about my work and upcoming programs at my Virtual Booth. I’d love to see you there!

The New Living Expo is an annual spiritual and metaphysical event in the SF Bay Area, and is virtual this year. There’s a stellar list of speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and Deborah King. There’s a nominal charge to attend ($!0).


See you there!

What is the biggest work for humanity at this time? (Channeled message from Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene)

What is the biggest work for humanity at this time? (Channeled message from Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene)





Dear Ones,

I am Mary. And I am Magdalene.

And I am the Divine Mother.

I’m coming through today to you all to let you know that you are in my heart. And I that I have the whole world — your planet — in my heart.

I want you to know that we are watching you work and change and shift, and that there is so much more happening beyond what you know, what is happening in the news or what is being revealed in the news.

There is a plan for your planet, a Divine Plan. And you and so many are part of this plan — this Great Awakening. There is so much that is being planned that human beings have no idea about. Because to know would be to frighten people. What I want you to know is that the plan is for good. Each soul is receiving and working through and evolving in their own way, in their time, at their pace, and at their purpose and capacity.

The biggest work for human beings at this time

The biggest work for human beings at this point is to know their hearts — their Sacred Heart. And while that seems like a very remote, even too spiritual a subject, you have no idea how powerful your heart is. Just by sending love to someone, you change the energy of the planet.

Just by caring for someone, a group, a country, a people, you change the energy. So, so much can be done without what is viewed as productive action. Because your heart, what you feel and want and desire and hope for and intend for others with love, which is the operative word, is action.

So while you’re all seemingly isolated and may feel helpless, not able to do. Simply sitting and allowing yourself to feel love, compassion, goodwill, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, shared humanity with another elevates the entire world to a world with heart.

And then the question before you is, can you and will you allow yourself to love another? To love another’s heart regardless of their personality?

It seems unthinkable in a world that knows polarity where so much about us vs. them has been playing out. The answers, the solutions to the problems that you’re experiencing and facing will not mainly come from what you do in terms of legal, and social and political work. But from this energetic heart-shift.

And that is the reason for this program, Love Revolution.

It is to dare you to be, perhaps, the bravest you can be. To see someone so completely different from you, and to still be open in your heart to their heart.

The work of love

Your heart is a beam of light, much like the headlights of a car. And when you feel love or even kindness or understanding towards another, you dissolve these barriers and walls that have been erected for centuries. It is as though your heart emits beams of light, much like your sci-fi movies, that can actually dissolve and touch others. Whether or not they receive them or are ready to receive them, that is not important.

What is important is the work of love. The act of love. In any form.

And we know that this is a very difficult challenge. But it can also be a practice. Because this is the new world. This is what your planet is being elevated towards.

Can humanity love each other? Is the biggest question you are all facing.

And can you, my daughters, hold that? It doesn’t have to be all the time, we know. But to even have the intention to recognize another as human, and therefore having their own heart, wherever their heart is. And wherever their capacity to love is. To not judge, which is one of the biggest barriers as well.

This does not have to be done today. But to even hold this as a possibility for yourself as a person, as a woman. That no matter who another is, they are also a child of God and the Goddess. They may be a baby compared to where you are in terms of evolution of Soul, but that does not exclude them from the possibility and reality of their own evolution in time over lifetimes.

You are here because you have evolved over lifetimes and in this lifetime. So, can you hold that possibility for them? As though many are children reaching for fire, playing with fire and need to learn. They too are learning.

This does not mean you do not act in the world and stand up for what you believe and fight the good fight. We want you to do that. That is essential. Because you are in a position to help many. But what we ask you to do is to hold in your hearts the possibility for all to know what you know.

It’s not about who’s right or wrong

For to judge them from where you are is to not only damn them but yourself. For as you judge, so will you be judged. As you despise and reject, so will you be.

So this is less a question of who is right and wrong and what the ideology is, but more the question of, even with difference, and maybe especially with difference, can you still walk with love?

You do not have to agree. But can you hold love?

And if love feels too strong, then understanding, curiosity, and a space in your mind for the possibility that they too, have a heart. However buried, however protected, however defended, however wounded, however small the flame, the spark exists within them.

This is what we desire for your planet, for each of you, and for all humanity. For I hold all in my heart, as Mary. And I pray for all. For you are all my own, my children, my family. I cannot stand to see one being elevated and another reduced or hurt.

It is all coming to a head now: Bloodshed, the hate, this other vs. myself. We know you feel that too.


The solution

So the solution, though it does not seem worldly or media-worthy, but the solution can happen in everyone’s homes. To sit for a few moments each day, to pray for the world.


Happy New Year and A Message From Mother Mary

Happy New Year and A Message From Mother Mary

Artist: Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all happiness, joy, and success in your life, relationships, and work in 2020 and into the next decade!

A New Year is a wonderful time for beginnings and endings.

  • What are you opening to and inviting?
  • What are you releasing?

I received this New Year’s message from Mother Mary to support and guide you in this time of great flux on our planet and our lives,



Message from Mother Mary


The world must rise to a higher level to succeed.

The world and humanity are being called to the next level of their evolution.

The planet—Mother Earth—is rising to a higher vibration. Things as they have been and are, are no longer being tolerated by Her, which is why there are shake-ups in every facet of your lives.

The old is being destroyed in service of the new. Just as one season must end to flow into the next, so it is at this time.

Be not afraid, but gather your courage, your hope, your truths, and your Heart.

It is in your Heart that you will find your way. Each of you has a different way. Be not afraid to be different. Be not afraid to receive ways, information, and wisdom that does not exist. Listen to your Heart for your decisions, and then act.

Humanity is evolving from the way of the mind and power to the way of the Heart. Love, peace, truth, and joy are who you are. You are being woken up to these.

Imagine your world full with these. With everyone living with these. And choosing to live from these.

It is ultimately your choice. You choose which way you and humanity will go. But your choice is significant. So significant that you can create repercussions, change, and transformation across the globe and the cosmos.

It may be even something as simple as a thought. It may be something as simple as a feeling of gratitude, love, joy, or forgiveness. And it can be as powerful as changing a belief, a way of life that limits you and keeps you in the old.

Yes, you will feel fear and uncertainty and doubt.

Because what is new and what you are awakening to does not yet exist.

You are being birthed. And no baby births herself. The mother births her.

And this is the role of the Divine Feminine. I am birthing you all anew.

Surrender. Trust. Have Faith.

You do not have to know me or come to me to be birthed. But you will… in the cave of your Heart and in the majesty of my Being.

You may know me as Mother Earth, and that may be enough. But for those who seek and desire more, seek me out. Call upon me in any form that speaks to you.

I am the Mother of all.

You have come from me.

The new ways are that of love and a higher vibration. Many of the toys and weapons you now use will need to be put down, put away. It is time to stop being children and grow up to your true natures.

But this is not a serious business. It is one of delight and play and awe and beauty.

There is great love for you, not just from me, but from many, many, many Beings.

Ultimately, it is your choice. Choose to wake up. Choose a new path, a new way. Choose to love, to have peace, to invite joy, delight, pleasure, beauty into your lives, relationships, and work. Let them perfume the fabric of your being and your lives. This is the way to wake up. This is the higher vibration.

Every choice you make that lifts you, we raise you tenfold. Whether or not you know it.

For you are our family in Spirit. You are our brothers and sisters. We watch you with great joy and love. We await your call, your requests to connect with us.

Know that you are beautiful beyond compare, beyond description. Know that you are precious and treasured and delighted in. Know that you are beyond worthy of the kingdom of Heaven.

It exists within you. Open to it. Receive it.

Receive all that you are in the eyes of God.

We are one in the Sacred Heart.


Mother Mary.