Coronavirus is a wakeup call for a new story. What will yours be?

Coronavirus is a wakeup call for a new story. What will yours be?

We’re being called to change our stories.

We live within a story: that our independent will creates our reality. 

The story that our independence, individualism, our rational mind, the masculine way, and ego create our reality. And these have served us well. Indeed, our egos have served us very well. Many of us also have the story that we’re the most intelligent and powerful species on our planet.

But we’re all being forced to reflect upon these stories.

The Coronavirus is an invitation, though it appears otherwise, to the larger story of who we are and who you are.

Because we’re the frogs who’ve reached the circumference of the well we swim in. 

And we’re faced with a decision: do I stay where I am or leap beyond what I know to be true?

Your story of who you are and what our world is, is changing.

What is your story?

To make a new path into our unknown future, we’re being compelled to change our stories.

As women, we’re being called to change our stories of who we are, detox from patriarchal conditioning, and find our feminine truths, heart, and power.

What we haven’t realized as a collective is that we live within a larger story. That’s the story of our Souls. The story of Mother Earth. And Universal stories, which are the Laws of the Universe. These larger stories are founded on harmony, truth, connectedness and interconnectedness. And the spiritual nature of Being. And, of course, Love.

We’re the note that is out of harmony in a chord. And when a note is flat, the tuner will tune that note, whether it’s a guitar, a piano or a violin. The instrument doesn’t matter–the harmony matters.  So we’re being retuned with the seeming devastation—and I’m not downplaying the horrors of it—but there is no growth without pain, without learning, without shifting.

We’re being called to wake up to the larger story of who we are—Sacred Beings.

We are being called to a story beyond fear, ego, will, and reason — to the larger story your Heart and Soul knows.

To a Story of Love.

Love is the story that melts differences and isms.

Love is the story that frees you from pain, suffering, violence, lack, oppression, and servility.

Love is the story that opens the door to magic and miracles.

Like any frog who’s arrived at the circumference of the well, the story you want in your body and mind and heart is a choice.

What will you choose?

Will you stay? Or leap?

And what story will you choose?


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