As a woman, you have extraordinary capacities to access your intuition.

You know when your gut tells you something is right. Or isn’t. You have a feeling, a hunch, receive information or an image. Or you just know something about someone or a situation.

You have recurring dreams, images, or visions. You feel beings around you. You communicate with nature, guides, or see beyond physical reality. Maybe you’re a medium.

Your intuition:

  • tells you there’s more you know than what you know
  • gives you information beyond your rational mind and physical senses
  • is a doorway through which you access your Higher Self and spirituality
  • accesses your inspiration, visionary capacities, and inner vision
  • is your portal to wisdom, light, and information, guides, beings and realms
  • opens you to magic and miracles
  • helps you evolve faster

You swim upstream if you’re intuitive in a material, rational world

You may have been intuitive as a child. Magic dust still swirled around you, so you were open to seeing, hearing and knowing what adults didn’t. Maybe your intuition got talked out of you.

“What nonsense!”
“You have such a wild imagination.”
“Nothing’s under the bed!”
“What do you mean, a fairy? I don’t see it. You’ve been reading too many fairy tales!”

Many who are intuitive or psychic keep it secret because no one else gets it. Dr. Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist and intuitive, tells how she integrated her intuition with her clinical work in The Second Sight.

Have you noticed the world’s becoming more intuitive?

That’s why more and more people are interested in psychics, astrologers, channelers, shamans, mediums, energy healers, medical intuitives, and animal communicators.

As we evolve spiritually, our interest in these realms grows and we’re awakening more to our capacities in dimensions we can’t see with our eyes.

Intuition is the next intelligence

The mind’s gone as far as it can go. The problems we’re facing require solutions of a quantum leap.

Into our intuition.

We’ve begun a process of exponential evolution. Where intuition is our transportation.

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Historical fears

For centuries religions and patriarchy have been terrified of the irrational, the intuitive and occult, and the feminine.

The Christians persecuted Pagans in the 4th century. In India, Tantra was sidelined by orthodox Brahmins in the 7th century. Shamans and sorcerers, witches and mediums have been burned at the stake for their gifts to travel between human and spirit worlds.

Hugely threatened, mainstream society still carries these fears:

“What cannot be seen is not to be trusted”
“What cannot be seen is not sacred”
“If you see things or hear voices then you’re a schizophrenic”
“Everything irrational is dangerous”

The Reality

The Truth is that there is so much

more to you, your reality and world than what you know.

The Truth is you’re a spiritual being in a human body, and your intuition is a doorway through which you access your spirituality.

You can know everything about your past lives, life purpose, and future potential. It’s available to you through your intuition.

Miracles and magic are very real possibilities, beyond will and life’s mundaneness and suffering.

You are intuitive, even psychic.

If you want to know these dimensions, all you need is to be willing to go beyond your mental mind and open to your intuition.

Here are 7 ways to develop your intuition:

1. Meditate

Meditate to access your spiritual nature. This opens you up to realities beyond what you know.

2. Notice

Intuition can hit you over the head. Or it’s a quick and subtle knowing, so much so that it’s easy for your mind to discount it.

Notice any quick flashes of images, voices, knowings that come to you.

Pay attention to your dreams. Work them with a therapist or dream analyst. They offer you a great deal of information.

3. Ask your guides

Yes, you have spirit guides, guardian angels, angels and all sorts of exalted beings ready to work with you. They’re ready and waiting to give you guidance. Ask them to help you develop your intuition or for whatever else you need.

4. Stay open

If you want to know something, stay open and listen for an answer. Ask for a sign. Ask for three signs.

Be willing to entertain the absurd, the weird, the preposterous.

5. Be receptive

The easiest way to access your intuition is to be receptive, not exert your will. This will be easy or difficult for you, depending on your nature.

The more you open to it, the more it opens to you.

6. Suspend judgment

It’s very easy to judge and dismiss your intuition. Because that’s what you’ve been trained to do.

If you can’t believe your intuition, try automatic writing or drawing. Get into a meditative space and sit with a a piece of paper and begin asking questions. Write down or draw the first thing that comes to you without judging. Do this until you feel complete. After a week or some time lapses, return to the conversation to see what it holds for you.

7. Get to know your pineal gland

Your pineal gland is the physical portal of your intuition. Shaped like a pine cone in the center of your head, it’s a cosmic receiver and sender of spiritual information, including the language of Light.

Try focusing on it to see what comes up. Or when you want to receive guidance.

If you don’t use it, your pineal gland becomes dormant. The more you use it, the more it awakens. Also, toxic foods and substances can block it;  sunlight and moonlight awaken it.

How else are you intuitive?

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[Images: Christian Schloe]