When you’re essentially and wholly love, as all the holy books and your heart sometimes tells you, what keeps you from love?

What keeps you from loving yourself?

From loving others?

What gets in the way?

To Live As Love

To live as love you must allow your heart to lead. Tell, not ask, your mind and ego to step aside to the left, or to the right. Tell them to fall behind, and follow your precious heart.

To live as love you must ask your heart and only your heart to get into the driver’s seat. And your mind and ego in the back.

To live as love you must ask your heart to Lead. Everything.

Your life.

Your day.

Your decisions.

How you walk upon the earth.

What you will wear today.

What you will think.

What you will say.

Even, as often as you can, what you choose to feel.

To live as love you must wait, soft in the silence, barely breathing. And listen. Even if you must wait a long while.

Only when

For only when you feel your heart can you feel the hearts of others.

Only when you feel your holiness first, can you feel the holiness of others.

Only when you dive into the well that waits, deeply, within you calling, calling, will you know the jewel of you.

Can you?

Can you live love first, and not worry about success. Or money. Or what others will say. Or if you fit in. Or are making another happy at the cost of yourself.

Or that thing you want. And the next thing. Then the next thing. Which if you get to, and after you do, you promise yourself you’ll really begin to live your life?

But the weeks and months and years seem to slip away, like rice through your fingers, and you never seem to arrive at that day.

What if, you stand poised upon a cliff, arms outstretched, brave enough to say, now, from this moment forward I live from love.

And leap. Into your heart. Into love first. And only love first.

What then, will you breathe in next? What then, will you breathe out?

What if, even if you fall off the horse a thousand million times, you’ll simply get back on.

And try again.

If love is all there is, all that we’re made of, all that you are, what’s stopping you?

Just whether you’re brave enough, or ready enough.

To live from love.

To know the truth of you.

Tell me, then, will you? And when?